Sagittarius Woman and Sagittarius Man

Both the Sagittarius has similar styles and needs in love. Both of them want to grow in their relationships. Sagittarius always loves to laugh and learn with, and through, their partners. Each of them attracts other through their sense of humor and positive outlook and also appreciates one another’s good humor and faith.

A Sagittarius man is quite the social creature. His optimism and ideas are always soaring high in the sky and his strong urge to know things makes him a keen observer. He usually has a crowd of friends around him and one can seldom find him alone. To get closer to him, one has to move through the crowd to do so. He is brutally honest and humbly loyal to what he feels good. Though relationship always attracts a Sagittarius male but being tied to it is something he finds difficult. He loves to be a cheerful and honest lover but devotion is what he lacks.

A Sagittarius woman always mesmerizes everyone with her charm. Very outspoken and most of the time friendly, she is a creature who is always on her toes. She is generous and kind but she tends to cut down quite frankly causing the person to want to retaliate from her. One has to be very sure before being in a relationship with Sagittarius woman as once someone is in her life, it is nearly impossible for that person to step back again. She loves her independence but never turns away from her duties of a good lover.

Sagittarius Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

The Sagittarius individual gels well with the people born under the same sign. Their compatibility is strengthened by their love for adventures and fun. They like to explore new places and love to meet new people. Being always on the move they enjoy a lively life filled with lot of excitement. To reach new milestones in life they have to bring in some seriousness in life. They will have to make it sure that their spirit of freedom does not take them away from each other.

A dual Sagittarius relationship is so much fun to share. A Sagittarius woman is exactly the right partner to color the dreams of her Sagittarius man. With the same taste and same sense of adventure, she makes a perfect match for the outgoing soul of the Sagittarius man. They share so many qualities from pure honesty to being open and independent and this keeps them jumping from one escapade to another with much joy in their hearts and a lot more support from their partner, then they could ever expect. They both enjoy each other’s company immensely whether it is just a silly board game or picking up and taking off for a weekend. Their conversations flow like water and they enjoy testing each other to reach more truth and discovering new territories with each other.

Although both, the Sagittarius man and woman are just as blunt and honest as the other, to hear such harsh words coming from each other still hurts and causes arguments between them. All they have to do is practice holding back a bit and this relationship becomes very beautiful and amusing. If they are going to make this work, they need to appease each other during their times of controversy and settle their differences. The only thing that makes the matters worse is if the Sagittarius man tries to do this with more ‘blunt facts’ towards his charming Sagittarius woman. For the most part, they encourage each other, although sometimes they might overdo things, and neglect some of the more practical aspects of your partnership. However, they both know how to really win over each other’s heart again.

As the love and understanding of the Sagittarius man and woman increases, their sense of camaraderie also goes deeper. Both of them keep active together and have some out-of-this-world discussion and some other things too that energizes them both. Because of the similarities in the personalities and love nature of Sagittarius man and woman, the compatibility and fun they have with each other is an enviable quality in any partnership for all other zodiac signs. Their sun shines are brighter, their adventures are more exciting and their love is more passionate. They can make anything possible with trust and honesty in their unison.

Having the same physical needs, the sexual relationship of Sagittarius man and woman can be described as comfortable more than anything else. They know how to touch each other, they know what the other feels and they both sense what their lover wants and needs. They both have burning passions and strong desire to express them physically which is easily visible in their love making. The sexual intimacy of Sagittarius man and woman has an easy flow of romance and passion which makes their love making a very satisfying experience for both of them.

No words are necessary until one decides to use the all familiar ‘testing’ antics to reach into the other one in hopes of discovering more new territory. This is all well and good in other aspects of their relationship, but in the bedroom it’s not such a good idea. They are more vulnerable and hence frank and quite blunt question receive an equally frank answer, mixed with a bit of exaggeration and jealousy is formed. But such situations usually don’t occur if they allow their bodies to speak and their eyes to reflect the love they feel for each other making their intimacy stronger.

To make the relationship work, both, the Sagittarius man and woman need to learn to soften their blows toward each other and perhaps even hold back some as well. As far as their financial relationship goes, Sagittarius man is just as frugal with money as Sagittarius woman is. It’s a good thing they are both extreme optimists about their future because they would not think twice about changing careers on a whim or spending a boat load of cash just because what they want to spend it on seems fun. All in all, this relationship has its good days as well as its bad days. If they can learn to soften harsh words and keep to them when they actually want to blurt out something the other one did wrong, they can grow a bond that is exhilarating and adventurous as well as extremely comfortable and fun. Between their laughter and tears, they can find a true lover in each other they can grow old with.

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