Sagittarius Woman and Aries Man

When both the fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius connect to each other, they connect pretty well as they have a lot in common. Though Aries is naïve and Sagittarius is half philosopher but both enjoy heated arguments which usually intensify their bonding, but at times can create serious issues also.

The Aries man’s youthful aura and confident personality makes him outshine most of the men around him. He is always bursting with new ideas and all new ways to make life more exciting lively. He is very bossy and argumentative at times as he always wants to get things done his own way. He may also be very critical of other people and too outspoken with some ego but he never waits to apologize once he knows that he has not been fair.

Sagittarius woman is a lovely lady with a little outspoken ways to tell the truth. But truth is definitely her favorite word and she hates diplomacy. Once she’s been properly bent into submission, she can be the sweetest woman in the world. She is never consumed by ego or personality. She has great respect for an Aries man who is brave and courageous. She always looks for a man who is intelligent and can give her the necessary protection in life.

Sagittarius Woman and Aries Man Compatibility

An Aries man in love with the cheerful Sagittarius damsel gets a partner with similar mindset. She has an exceptionally tender and gentle way of binding up all the wounds, whether physical or emotional, of him which he usually gets from world due to his childish attitude. This woman desperately needs romance, because only romance can heal her instinctive doubt. The important thing for the Aries man to realize is that his lady love is as much an idealist about love and life as he is and at times even more. The much homely appearing Sagittarius woman is quite independent person and hates to be ordered or bossed around. Then can lead to some pretty dramatic heated arguments that somehow stimulate the relationship and its intensity.

A Sagittarius woman in love with an Aries man is gifted with a person who is dedicatedly romantic. Though he is determined to have his masculine superiority, independence and personal freedom but he cares about the well being of his Sagittarius woman a lot and if someone crosses her, he will be the first one to come to her rescue. His sense of humor and protective instinct makes him a perfect match for her, who needs security at all levels. He accompanies her in all her activities and appreciates all her talents stimulating her confidence and individuality. Though her blunt comments may bruise the innocent heart of the Aries man at times, but her integrity is spotless.

Sagittarius and Aries may soon realize that they are truly soul mates with most of the things in common with each other. The attributes displayed by an Aries man are exactly the qualities that a Sagittarius woman is looking for in a partner, and the divine care and loyalty given by her is the one he craves for always. By supporting and encouraging each other in various pursuits and activities, these two make their relationship deeper and more meaningful. Their love creates the magic of fire burning each other so intensely and yet delicately that the blaze keeps on making their oneness warmer day by day. With this balminess of love and attachment, they can achieve a kind of harmony that is out of the reach for most couples.

As the fire of these two interconnect, they can make for a very stimulating and invigorating pair. They have a wonderful physical relationship especially and their chemistry is just the perfect blend of passion and devotion experienced by both, the Aries man and the Sagittarius woman. Their sexual rapport can be warm, imaginative and full of satisfaction, as long as they remember to keep the intensity of lovemaking strong. The passionate touch of an Aries man gives her a long-lasting feel of security while her gentle kisses makes him glow like never before.

The way these two express and share the sexual aspect of their love can be deeply satisfying for both of them and a warm glow of excitement floods through their bodies. She can sense he has an intensely sexual libido. Passionate not only in her pursuits and her insatiable curiosity about life, she burns with raw sexual passion as well. The exchange of intimacy and flirting occasionally reaches dangerous levels and both truly enjoy it. A delicious thrill sweeps through their bodies and that’s a wonderful chemistry at all levels.

Both, the Aries and the Sagittarius love to laugh and play with each other but neither of them likes to be tied down. Both the partners need their own space and it is likely to come naturally for both of them. Though both, the Sagittarius and Aries have flashes of pride and bossiness but their like mindedness help them to overcome the trivial issues. But neither of the two is stingy by nature, so money never creates problems between them. To make the relationship smoother, she will have to give up the bluntness and carelessness of her attitude and he needs to be more patient and true to his lady keeping his ego and aggression aside.

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