Venus in Sagittarius

If you have Venus in Sagittarius, in matters of love, you are looking for someone you can grow with, someone who can expand your world and your consciousness. You are attracted to someone who is fun-loving, playful, and open to adventure and new experiences. Traveling together, meeting new people and exploring new vistas is particularly enjoyable. People of foreign background and cultures enlarge your understanding of the world and yourself. You want to be able to share your dreams, aspirations and ideals with your mate.

It is very important to you that you have a spiritual or intellectual rapport with your love partner, perhaps more important than the emotional/physical relationship. You are not especially sentimental and your partner may feel that you are too casual and not serious or romantic enough. You are sympathetic, kind, generous and optimistic. You idealize love. Always on the lookout for greener pastures, you may not stay long with a partner who doesn’t help you to grow or provide you with enough excitement. You desire to share a love of God, expressed through religious devotion and a love of man, expressed through philanthropy and charity with the one you choose to love.

With Venus in Sagittarius you’re an artist of life, and cultivate and enjoy the pleasures it has to offer. You love freedom, sports, travel, philosophy and large ideas, and at least the concept of communal living. You’re attracted to many people in many walks of life, but tend to avoid commitment in your intimate relationships. Venus in Sagittarius can produce two different character types. One is extravagant, always on the move, loves to gamble, have fun and a good time. The other is idealistic, philosophical or religious, and has great inner strength. If your Venus is in hard aspect to the Moon, Mars, Uranus, Neptune or especially Jupiter, you tend to the first type. If your Venus is well aspected and you have a strong Saturn, you’ll tend to the second. In most cases there will be some mixture of the two.

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