Neptune in Sagittarius

With Neptune in Sagittarius, there is humanitarian awareness. If Sagittarius is prominent in the chart, here may be a generational leader. Neptune was in Sagittarius for everyone on Earth from November 1970 through January 1984 (and June through November 1984), the first time since 1820.

Souls who incarnated during this period are very intuitive, may have some psychic ability, and tend to seek experiences that expand both your senses and your spirit. Neptune in Sagittarius brings the potential for a deeper understanding of the meaning of life than in previous signs, although if afflicted, you may lack sound judgment and have a strongly emotional and indecisive nature. You’re idealistic, gregarious, sports-minded, and in love with grand gestures and large ideas. You enjoy travel, religion (possibly even occult studies), politics, philosophy, and fair, frank, broad-minded individuals. You dream big.

Planets in Sagittarius