Jupiter in Sagittarius

If you have Jupiter in Sagittarius, you are big-hearted, idealistic, loyal, generous, humane, broad- minded, philosophical and tolerant. There may be interest in religion, law, higher education or anything abstract. You may be prophetic and inspirational and you can inspire trust in other people. They are attracted to your sense of honor and integrity. You have a strong desire to help others and you have an ability to inspire them to help themselves. You may be in a position of power and prestige or work in the professions. You tend to be conservative because of a desire for people to like you. You must watch a tendency to justify yourself by rationalization. On the negative side, you may be too fond of sport or gambling, fond of cheap or extravagant display, self- righteous, narrow-minded, intolerant, dogmatic and atheistic.

With your Jupiter in Sagittarius you love freedom, travel, sports and the outdoors, but need to be careful that you don’t spread yourself too thin through restlessness or impatience. Honest and frank, you hate routines, and tend to be open, friendly, carefree, optimistic, and to take chances. You have a natural ability to manage money, and may benefit through an inheritance (almost assuredly if Jupiter is in the eighth house). You’re very interested in how people all over the world live and get by, as a means of developing your own philosophy of life. You’re naturally drawn to philosophical, religious or spiritual matters.

Planets in Sagittarius