Asteroids in Sagittarius

The asteroid in Sagittarius belt consists of innumerable objects that orbit in a diffuse belt between Mars and Jupiter. By the patterns of our solar system and the laws of harmonics reflected in the planetary orbits, we deduce that the asteroids are fragments of a planet which once occupied that orbit and for whatever reason broke apart and disintegrated. Many modern astrologers include asteroids in their astrological delineations.

Chiron in Sagittarius

Chiron in Sagittarius - You need to bring about the fullest potential in the free and tolerant way in which you deal with, for instance, philosophy, your high standards, long journeys etc. The answer lies in the missing part of something you have. It may be that, for instance, you seek to know but you need to listen and learn. Or you could be too tolerant in your beliefs, or even too intolerant! Through the areas of optimism, action and enthusiasm, you may find your resolution.

Vesta in Sagittarius

Vesta in Sagittarius is the Goddess of the Hunt, of passion, of truth, of Justice and the knowledge that whatever you believe, there is always more unseen for you to learn about the connection of Spirit to life. This is the constant search for higher holy connection aligned with self and higher power. Vesta in Sagittarius when it finds what it feels is the total truth can become the greatest of teachers and one which it is hard to shift their mindset. Remembering that growth is a constant thing and there is never an end to this journey of learning this lifetime is the lesson of Vesta in Sagittarius.

Ceres in Sagittarius

Ceres in Scorpio nurtures others by showing them how to explore their environment and expand their horizons. One nurtures oneself and others by finding a sense of personal direction; one encourages an optimism that creates success, and how to enjoy life as a journey. Under stress, this Ceres placement can lead to the feeling that life is meaningless or that one has no moral compass.

My Ceres is here. Knowledge, wisdom, and adventure are the nurturers here. This placement can make you feel nurtured while on long journeys. If you are intellectually inclined, you could get that nurturing feeling through giving advice to people or by teaching or instructing them in some way. Reading about abstract philosophical topics could have the same effect. You can also make other people feel nurtured or inspired by giving them advice or instruction.

Enjoys mental speculation about various theories and ideas. A natural sense of freedom combined with genuine optimism may cause these natives to overextend themselves. In every case investigated so far, this placement has had periods of uncontrolled growth such as warts, tumors and cysts that were benign but had to be removed surgically.

These people identify nurturance with the freedom to explore and expand their horizons. Ideally, the mothering experience encouraged and fostered these needs. Nurturing is expressed through teaching others how to expand their mental and physical horizons (e.g., the guru or spiritual teacher). In addition, the Ceres in Sagittarius individual may help others to develop a philosophy or belief system that gives meaning to his or her life. Self-acceptance may be based on the ability to find purpose in one’s life and constantly move forward in consciousness. The failure to do so may lead to the belief that life is meaningless and purposeless ("a tale told by an idiot, signifying nothing" - Hamlet). Feelings of aimlessness that cause the person to wander without direction may result.

Eros in Sagittarius

If Eros is in the sign Sagittarius then you will experience the most erotic and soul depth kind of love when your lover can meet you on a spiritual or philosophical plane. You’re turned on by seeking the answers to the big questions in life with Eros in Sagittarius. When you’ve met a love who has the intellectual courage to ask for the deeper meaning behind any idea then you might have found the perfect relationship.

In addition, with Eros in Sagittarius you’ll be a playful and adventurous lover – often treating love and sex like a sport. Competitive or marathon sex will be enticing to you and you’ll enjoy having sex outdoors. A good laugh and a good time will turn you on and often lead to memorable sex if you have Eros in Sagittarius. Without a light hearted camaraderie with a partner you might never fall in love with the person you’re in a sexual relationship with.

Planets in Sagittarius