Sagittarius in Marriage

First things first – Sagittarius cannot go along with someone who is not as busy and lively as they are, even if the other person is not as busy, he/she definitely needs to share some strong interest with Sagittarius. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for Sagittarius to keep inventing new things to keep the partnership alive. So, their need for change and excitement is prominent here too. But look at the positive side – at least their marriage will not stagnate as it happens with many couples in due course. All you need to do is to respond to your needs – how you do that is left to your imagination.

Now we come to the other aspect of your attitude to marriage – your claustrophobia. You love your freedom and cannot stand being emotionally closed off. So in spite of your strong ties with your spouse, you will want to go out with friends of both sex, and keep relations with your workmates intact. Now one emotion you hate more than any other is that of suspicion.

You are never suspicious of your partner, and also hate it when your partner is suspicious of you. You see where this is going? You do not show restrain in the way you interact with people, and then you despise your spouse if he/she is suspicious, when it is entirely natural for him/her to feel so. Herein lies the root of some of the most bitter fights between married couples.

Sagittarians make great parents, especially when the kids are grown up and thirst for challenges. But at the early stages, when the demands are too high, the Sagittarius needs to take a break and do something totally different that can make life a little less boring and monotonous. The ties and bonds related mothering or fathering a child can really frustrate a person of this sun-sign, so there is a need to weather this phase out with one’s imagination and enthusiasm.

Sagittarius Male as a Husband

They seek him here, they seek him there... Yes, I’m afraid the Sagittarian man is hard to catch - not hard to interest, not difficult to enchant, just near impossible to get to the altar. He is terrific fun, quite the lad, but absolutely not into long-term commitment, in fact he’s the zodiac’s leading commitment-phobe. If you want him, you’re going to have to play the game of running as fast as you can in the opposite direction, refusing all invitations to move in with him, never leaving as much as a toothbrush in his bathroom. Mr Sagittarius loves women who ooze feeling and mystery yet he’s also drawn to females who wield power and influence. What drives him away are weeping and wailing, despair and need.

Sagittarius Female as a Wife

Don’t expect a Sagittarius woman to be like a conventional girlfriend. Because she is not. She can’t handle any kind of emotional ties and matrimony is one of them. Since she is extremely independent, it will take her time to get adjusted to dependency. She feels she is equal to men, therefore, she will demand all the equal rights at home. She feels she wasn’t made for domesticity. She feels bored of it. She won’t take orders from anyone, not even her man. However, she will do things if you ask” her to do them. A true Sagittarian girl will come across as a tomboy but she can be deliciously feminine too. As mentioned earlier, this woman is a travel freak so it will take a lot of effort for her to settle down in marriage. She will be absolutely honest in her relationships. Her man can witness some fiery temper if she blows her lid off. Look at the brighter side, the man will get her undivided attention, loyalty and affection.

Sagittarius Love Compatibility