Sagittarius Man and Virgo Woman

There are some basic imbalances in the relationships shared by Sagittarius and Virgo as they are like almost two different directions with nothing particularly much in common. The best thing they usually share is the communication and interaction on daily basis.

Virgo are genius people with their wonderful analytical and logical ways of thinking. They are very concrete people with strong intellect and in-depth information of all the aspects of life. Virgo can effortlessly explore a situation and can be pretty critical regarding it, if needed. They are often ill, but at the same time they are health freaks. Virgo tend to hide their feelings of hurt which later turn into resentment for those who had hurt them. It is hard for Virgo to interpret their emotions and feelings. They fear any form of binders that may lead to failure and that’s the reason that most Virgo hesitate to engage in marriage or any other kind of serious relationship. Virgo are genuine people who never take more than what they need.

Sagittarius are very lively people with fun and optimism all around them. They are full of energy and enthusiasm with different outlook for life. They go through life wandering for the truth. They are aggressive creatures while brave by nature. Sagittarius are lovers of the world and nature, who enjoy traveling and exploring. Their primitive nature can often lead to physical disagreement with others. They hold no punches and what they express is just the natural process that makes up these creatures. They possess an earthly wisdom created by a life full of many experiences. It is hard to tell Sagittarius something they don’t already know. They have many dimensions to their ways of thinking. This is what gives the Sagittarius their need for exploration.

Sagittarius Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility

Virgo’s tendency to offer well meaning criticism doesn’t particularly bother thick skinned Sagittarius, who can take it, smile, move on and carry on doing things the way they were before. Likewise, the Sagittarian liking for drama doesn’t really upset Virgo all that much, as they’ve been here before and know it’s all bluster which will quickly pass. There’s a level of mutual understanding and tolerance in Sagittarius and Virgo compatibility which enables these two very different people to walk side by side instead of meeting head on. It’s an elegant dance, and always at risk of breaking down, but by and large it’s a feat these two can manage.

Mutually appreciate, straightforward and communicative, this partnership is one which could easily last a lifetime. Sagittarius and Virgo compatibility is healthy for both partners, because neither takes advantage of the other, or vies to lead or boss the other. They have very different strengths and qualities, but this savvy couple know that and work with it. The Adventurer will go out and explore another day, the Healer will stay at home and tend to him (or her) on their return, and the Sagittarius/Virgo compatibility wheel will keep turning in its own inimitable style.

A Sagittarius oversimplifies and embellishes situations, causing an irritation to rise inside of a Virgo. When speaking, a Virgo cannot stand generalizations and exaggerations. When presenting something to a Virgo, it would be best for the Sagittarius to make a statement, while possessing factual proof. It would be good for the Virgo to know that a Sagittarius is compulsively truthful. The Virgo may become disgruntled having to hear the blunt truths about themselves from the Sagittarius. On the other hand, the Sagittarius enjoys learning new facts which actually quantify their imaginative theories about life. Over time, the Virgo begins to respect the Sagittarius’ spontaneous enthusiasms and antics. Soon the Sagittarius also learns to not ridicule the Virgo for their need to analyze and measure everything, while trying to find perfection. With slow and steady work on the relationship, they can actually make out in the best possible ways.

Sagittarius and Virgo are able to communicate with friendly understanding. They have many fulfilling conversations with one another. They are more alike than some think especially at the intellectual level. Even though the Virgo are more settled, they both enjoy exploring the world, in search of the excitement. A Sagittarius loves having someone join them in their worldly explorations and there is no one better than a Virgo to join them because together they can not only see but also analyze. Throughout their beautiful experiences, the Virgo is able to teach the Sagittarius about patience, manners and courtesy, while the Sagittarius teaches the Virgo about having an open mind and how to be more tolerant. With the Sagittarius, the Virgo actually begins to feel the chains come off and set themselves free from their desires of perfection.

There are many shades of all the relationships shared by Sagittarius and Virgo as they are both just two parallel lines which can carry on together but never meet. As friends, siblings and colleagues they can have a lot of fun and a lot to learn from each other. They never compete with each other as they have different values and reasons which never fall in each other’s ways. Business partnership can take these two places only if they go for something of real interest for both of them. Being relatives doesn’t affect them much as they either do not interact or interact on casual basis. As lovers and spouses they have some problems in the common decisions they have to take as a couple. Parents and children can have very friendly relation when parents are Sagittarius and more a disciplined relation when Virgo are parents. But in both the cases children get a great experience and learn a lot from their parents.

Difficulties pop up in this relationship as both Sagittarius and Virgo are quite straight forward. On one hand, Sagittarius are very blunt which hurts Virgo deeply and they look around to defend themselves. While on the other hand, Virgo are very critical and make Sagittarius feel low and unappreciated. They have their differences, but still their personalities attract each other. They both are able to let go of their negative attributes and have fun learning and seeing new things. The Virgo finally have excitement in their life by the Sagittarius’ ability to break the Virgo free from their binding mind-set by introducing them to exciting exploration, while Sagittarius see more perfection in their lives.

Marriage Between Sagittarius Man and Virgo Woman

Sagittarius male and Virgo female make a beautiful marriage with their mutual understanding and support. They both help her grow into more responsible and caring individuals. With due course of time, their marriage becomes more stable ad their love deepens leaving all differences aside. They learn to become more secure and surer of their relationship. She reciprocates to his passion with her tender love and care. They can talk for hours and conversations between the partners flow so easily.

He impresses his lady with his thrilling ideas and she enjoys listening to his stories of adventures. He becomes more broad-minded with her and he makes her experience new worlds which were never a part of her life. They are a complementing couple who knows how small changes and compromises can lead them to a far better life. The flavors of dedication and loyalty make their marriage more intense and long-lasting. Together, in each other’s arms they find heaven. With time, they are able to settle into a more promising marriage which is harmonious, balanced and filled with lots of romance.

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