Sagittarius Man and Scorpio Woman

The associations that Sagittarius and Scorpio share can take multiple colors. They are both intense people but in different ways and that is what gives the real push to the relationship they have. Life is always exciting and fun is amazing with them.

Scorpios are generally very alluring and magnetic personalities with velvety voice and wonderful mystery that everyone wants to solve. They have a dazzling mind and burning passion with the gist to win everything they want in their life. They appears calm and friendly on the outside when in fact just underneath the surface lies their true emotions whether they hide their love and devotion towards near ones or revenge on someone who has hurt them or their close one. Scorpions never forget anything; any kindness done to them is wonderfully rewarded and every betrayal is cruelly punished. Getting in their good books gives protective and loyal friend forever. They can read anyone like a tome with their intense gaze and enjoy tearing through the secrets inside.

Sagittarius people are open and friendly for real with a spirit of adventure and jolliness in them. They are optimist and quite friendly and see the hope in any situation no matter how terrible it may seem. They love to solve puzzles and mysteries and they love to chase secrets, probing until they find the solution to a problem with a gazillion questions if necessary. Sagittarius has a blunt and frank honesty which can rip anyone’s heart apart but if taken seriously their intelligent criticism is worth taking and working upon. They enjoy socializing, being direct, being flirty and honest above all else. They love to inquire and talk and ask and flirt until their desired effect is reached and their aim is fulfilled.

Sagittarius Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

Where both partners are tying hard to resolve their problems, however, there is light at the end of the tunnel. The danger that these two sensed in one another – that Scorpio might swallow Sagittarius’ fire in their emotional depths, or that Sagittarian restlessness would boil away at Scorpio’s jealousy – can pass if communication can be improved. It helps if Sagittarius learns to give Scorpio time and space to come up with a response – seeking on the spot, face to face answers doesn’t work with the Sorcerer. Sagittarius and Scorpio compatibility can be salvaged with a little mutual understanding and an agreement to work with one another instead of against each other.

The similarities between Sagittarius and Scorpio do not go unnoticed. They both seem to crave the need to know answers to things of interest. With Sagittarius, the curiosity has an inquisitive nature and Scorpio, well, it’s not just a curiosity. That is too plain a word for them. They just need to know. They are both into the competition of things. However, on losing Sagittarius sucks it up and try again next time and the Scorpion dies trying to win. If not successful they become extremely sore losers and just not much fun to be around anymore. Scorpios’ compulsion and knowledge that power gets them further in life drives them to success and drives anyone down in their path to get there. They can go about this path subtly and calmly not letting on to anyone as to what their intentions are. When the time comes, they strike and almost every time it ends up in success for them.

Sagittarius, on the other hand, is not so stealthy. They are outright blunt and ask any question they have to, to reach such a success. They come off as rude and even demanding if they feel the need. They both have their own tactics in getting to the end result of a question or problem, but to see them go head to head in conquering each others dilemmas is a sight to be seen. The two tend to go after each other with the pure goal of getting under the surface of the other one. They are both determined to do so as they both protect themselves the best way they know how. Sagittarius does like to play a good guessing game in trying to get you to figure out just who they will be today, but in play, they will drop a hint or two to make things more interesting in the game.

They both can have some dazzling relationships, especially if they are sibling or friends while in case of professional colleagues, Scorpio may find Sagittarius insincere and Sagittarius can look at Scorpio as self-absorbed. The relationship of lovers or spouses is better played with Scorpio man and Sagittarius woman compared to the vice-versa. Parents and children also find great comfort together provided that Scorpios are parents as they are more protective while Sagittarius parents can teach their Scorpio children to be more relaxed. Partnerships and business venture can flourish well till the time finances and dealings are with Scorpio and creative part is in hands of Sagittarius. If they can just sit back and relish in the good aspects of each other, let some of the bad go, and stop trying to change the other person, this is just a worthwhile relationship in all areas.

If Sagittarius can sit still and learn some self control and avoid bluntness in their words, they can better off. They can also teach Scorpio about freedom; self honesty, being more positive and laid back and that helps to strengthen the bond between them also. Another flaw that Scorpio sees in Sagittarius is their innate desire to be very outgoing and easy doing. Scorpio does not tolerate such antics as the Sagittarius frolics about, and the latter cannot understand why anyone can be so private and closed minded about something. The relationship between these two has their positive outcomes as well as their downfalls. They need to work toward a strong bond if they do indeed love each other. Scorpio can add a bit of imagination and permanence to the relationship and Sagittarius can show some more open and forthright attitude.

Marriage Between Sagittarius Man and Scorpio Woman

The association of marriage between a Scorpio female and Sagittarius male is quite successful. In the initial phase of their marriage, he adds more thrill to their association by showing her new worlds which she has never even thought of. She also enjoys his initiatives. She demands her man to be understanding of her needs. He must not get involved into any kind of flirting which may make her feel insecure. If they both deal sensitively with each other since the start of their relationship, they are able to make a beautiful marriage.

They must learn to accept each other’s nature and appreciate their differences. This acceptance will allow their love to bloom. When she starts to understands his dreams and aspirations, he evolves into the best mate for her who is completely dedicated to the relationship. With time, shades of loyalty and dedication deepen thereby creating a new rainbow of love and romance.

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