Sagittarius Woman in Love

Sagittarius or Archer is the zodiac’s free spirit, a true traveller who’s comfortable on the road. True to her form, Archer girl has a huge appetite for life, and her partner/ s must share that quality. Finding someone who would keep up with her endless quest for adventure and expansion is no mean task, but the Archer woman is not the one to be deterred. As a passionate, intellectual and independent fire sign, she throws herself in everything with the force of a speeding train.

Ruled by expansive Jupiter (the largest planet in our solar system), she is liable to think BIG. She, thus, needs a mate with a definite vision. And, he has to be grounded enough to reassure her when the going gets tough. Honest to the point of bluntness, she Archer, however, may drive her mate crazy with her dark humour and stinging remarks. But again, as zodiac’s optimist, she always manages to see her mate’s potential. Physical attraction plays a vital role in the Sagittarius woman’s love domain. Yet, there’s an innocence about this lady that’s so very captivating. Free birds, these women, once they find true love, don’t hesitate in settling down, though.

Sagittarius Woman in Love & Relationships

A Sagittarius woman is likely to disappoint you if your idea of a partner is of someone who is content with a settled stable life and to lend you all the practical support you would like. A Sagittarius woman is liable to wanderlust, and though she can be exciting and demonstrative in her love for you, she will seek to escape the minute you try to hold her back into a routine. If what you want is an interesting conversation partner, then you are more likely to be satisfied, provided that you enjoy standing your ground in the face of strongly held convictions with which you may disagree.

Philosophy, religion, myth and various esoteric subjects are all areas which may interest her, and her enthusiastic pursuit of them can lead you to feel that you are not important to her. But as long as you do not try to possess or cling to her, and your love for each other is sound, she will welcome the knowledge that you are there for her and be sure to find room for you in her life. If she knows that you have your own interests which you actively pursue, that reassures her that you do not depend on her for your sense of well-being.

The range and extent of a Sagittarius woman’s interests often takes her attention away from the practical details of daily living, and this could be very frustrating for you if you plan to commit to each other to the extent of sharing a home. You may find yourself left with mundane necessities like cleaning the home and paying the bills (maybe also providing most of the funds to pay those bills). You may consider the excitement of living with her adequate compensation, otherwise you will have to tame her into taking what you consider a more responsible approach to life (but which may seem to her to be an attempt to constrain her unduly).

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