Flirting with Sagittarius

Born under the Star Sign of Sagittarius, you’re the most playful flirt in the Zodiac! If you’re typical of your Sun Sign, your instinctive flirting style is open, friendly and light-hearted. For you, flirting is always a fun adventure - a chance to spread your wings, try out your luck and have a bit of a laugh. Not to be taken too seriously of course; you’re far too respectful of your own - and others’ - freedom.

More than anyone, you understand that humor is the greatest aphrodisiac. No question, wit is your most powerful weapon of seduction, and a good joke your most successful pick-up line. You learnt early on in life that clowning around wins you more friends than trying to look cool and dignified. Now you confidently use your comedian skills to score in the game of love.

When your wild-child comes out to play, you’re a magnet for romance. Your carefree energy and sense of adventure make you a fun flirting partner. Always ready to share an outrageous story, your lightheartedness is contagious and attractive. You can also be quite provocative and have a talent for teasing, all in the name of being a good sport. However, it’s not all talk with you — the element of surprise, with some spontaneous touching, is part of your bag of flirting tricks.

You love adventure, change, and have a fun, flirty style. You’re always ready to tell a fascinating, provocative, and spectacular story, and your sense of fun is contagious and attractive. You have a talent for teasing but will deliver with some spontaneous yet sensual touching. Since you’re always ready to pick up and go, you can be a little emotionally detached sometimes, leaving the objects of your flirtation confused and hurt. If you want to burn off some sexual tension, then another Sagittarius or a Scorpio would be your best partner. If you truly think you can make an emotional commitment and mean it, then find a Libra, Gemini or Leo.

Flirting with Sagittarius Love

Not necessarily the easiest challenge for you, but at least you’re on home ground! When flirting with a fellow Sagittarius, you’ll certainly be wise to all their moves. No danger of your being out-smarted by them - when it comes to blarney and quick-fire wit, you give as good as you get.

The problem, though, is that since you’re both such bright cookies, there’s inevitably going to be some mental competition going on. The chances are you’ll each be being trying to prove that you’re the sharpest and the funniest - and what starts off as a little comic sparring could quickly get out of hand.

Your worst tactic with another Archer is to be overly outspoken and end up causing offence. Your best tactic is to create a strong sense of connection by proving how much you are alike. Attract their interest by pointing out any similarities you’ve noticed between the two of you. Start off by swapping stories about your travels (Sagittarians love tales of far-off places). Later you can get onto the meaning of life.

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