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In love, Sagittarius is full of contradictions. Symbolized by the centaur, the mythical half-horse/half-human, you’re governed by both animal instincts and enlightened thinking. Sagittarius rules morals, wisdom, higher education… along with the hips and thighs. Although you’re always striving for divine inspiration, you’ve got a serious lust for life’s “earthly pleasures.” No wonder you’re often torn in two directions!

You’re the zodiac’s free spirit, a true traveler who’s comfortable on the road. Although you hate feeling “tied down,” you also crave a soulmate to experience the world with. You have a huge appetite for life, and your partners must share that quality. Finding someone who can keep up with your endless quest for adventure and expansion is no easy task. For this reason, many Sagittarians can be single for long periods of time. When you actually ARE in relationships, they tend to be all consuming–at least, at first. As a passionate fire sign, you throw yourself in everything with the force of a speeding train. Keeping up that pace is well nigh impossible. Reign in the urge to merge, and stay committed to the life you had before you met “The One.” Otherwise your fairy tale romance can fizzle as quickly as it sizzles.

Sagittarians are dreamers, always creating huge projects. Ruled by expansive Jupiter (the largest planet in our solar system), you think BIG with everything. You long to create new worlds — like Sagittarians Walt Disney and Steven Spielberg. You need a mate with enough vision to encourage you, but one who’s still grounded enough to reassure you when the going gets tough.

A late-blooming sign, you can be a notorious bachelor(ette) in your early years. Sagittarius is the sign of the hunter, and the chase thrills you. You’re not afraid to brag about your conquests, either. With your honesty and good humor, you rarely make enemies, since you tell your flings upfront that you’re just looking for a good time. In fact, you may have a long roster of exes who’ve morphed into close friends.

As the zodiac’s optimist, you always see your mate’s potential. Warning: be sure that the object of your affection is actually dedicated to fulfilling it. You are one of the zodiac’s most generous signs, and you’ll gladly share your financial resources to help your love get ahead. Those rose-colored glasses can drain your emotions and your bank account if you aren’t careful. For Sag, love is blind, but lust is blinder.

Bottom line: Don’t let physical attraction overshadow your need for a supportive partner who pulls their weight. Sharing your wisdom is one thing, but playing life coach will drain you in the end. Ask yourself: Is this relationship taking place in my head or in the present? Or does it suck today, but I’m hoping that it’s gonna be great once they get a new job/forgive their mother/move out of the basement/leave their spouse?

Hope is your addiction, and it ain’t a healthy one. Since spiritual Sags love to read, a good self-help book and some creative visualization can help you get out of such a trap.Writing down your “love visions” in a clear-headed moment can serve as a checklist when you feel yourself going off the deep end for Mr. Wrong.

Fortunately, Sagittarius is the zodiac’s luckiest sign. Although you play with fire, you always bounce back once you wise up. Life always throws you another grand opportunity, and if your partner doesn’t come along for the ride, you can set sail and move forward to new adventures once you put your mind to it. Check Sagittarius Love Match for better soul connection.

Love for Sagittarius

Love for the Sagittarius is being truthful and loyal. It has to come from deep within and fully understood before they can totally accept it. Such idealism often prevents them from finding love. This is why the Archers are emotionally insecure. However, their insecurities are carefully masked by their talkative and insensitive exteriors. The danger is that they can end up investigating too much and finding too little. They fail to introspect and can be over-cautious, often looking upon love as something that confines them instead of something that liberates them. However, an understanding partner can really grow in their company. Know how to Sagittarius Flirting for maximum attraction & dating success.

When Sagittarius Fall in Love

Sagittarius in Love is jovial, positive, talkative and adventurous. Although, their forthright opinions and lack of tact may hurt their partners sometimes, the Sagittarius-born people win them back soon with their wit and great sense of humour. You can also read more about Sagittarius in Marriage to know what to expect from this Sun Sign as a husband or wife.

They are happiest in the initial stages of a relationship, and tend to get bored as the relationship grows older. They can become restless and feel confined by the commitment and the responsibilities that a relationship brings. Also, since they can be too absorbed in themselves, it can have an adverse effect on the relationship.

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