Sagittarius September 2021 Horoscope

From the first half of the month, family concerns take precedence over everything else. You have trouble dealing with problems, looking for a way to escape certain responsibilities. A feeling of suffocation blocks the situation. It is only from the second fortnight that good planetary aspects give you the opportunity to breathe, you find solutions to the problems.

If you take things too much to heart, try to relax, just to be able to disconnect. Then the stars get involved, a precious help comes at just the right moment. Thanks to your patience everything is arranged, your motivation makes a big comeback. Think of yourself, enjoy the simple little things in life. Do not waste your time with anything trivial.

Love in General:
The beautiful surprises succeed you as you opt for tranquility, you run away from complicated love stories. Around September 24th, expect to meet new people. Flirting and crushes make you capsize. This is the perfect time to make a fresh start. Going forward without looking behind you is already the beginning of a new life.

In a relationship:
Conflictual relationships or misunderstandings? Your partner is trying to convince you, but you bury your head in the sand. Do not wait for the situation to escalate between you to try and bury the hatchet. A return to normal is scheduled for September 14th in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Take advantage of this slack period to review your priorities. Rather than looping through certain events, improvise or create new projects. This month the astral influences still protect your loves on the sole condition of providing some effort. Refocus on your ambitions, take stock of the situations of the past.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Take advantage of the various opportunities available to meet people, do not refuse to go out on the pretext that you lack motivation. Forget your concerns. You benefit from the support of your friends, they bring you comfort, kindness and benevolence.

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