Sagittarius October 2021 Horoscope

Dear Sagittarians you are pampered by the stars, the beginning of the month is quite calm, it is from the second week that everything accelerates under the action of the planets, your loves take on momentum, the field of work is boosted thanks to new projects. The small difficulties will not completely disappear except that you are under high protection, it is a nice advantage.

The meetings you make are beneficial, your expectations are rewarded, and if it was blocked communication resumes. At work, the atmosphere is breathable, your colleagues are supportive. Some changes are to be expected in your personal life (a move, change of region or country), so we speak of positive upheavals. If you need financial support for the validation of a project, this period is favorable.

Love in General:
Everything is going well in your love life, you are surrounded by good people. You are receptive to the requests of your beloved, under the action of the planets romantic relationships are strengthened. As you brake with both feet Venus pushes you to reveal your feelings. For the greatest happiness of your loved ones, you reveal yourself out in the open.

In a relationship:
At the beginning of the month, small tensions are present. So that your relationship can find fluidity, get your act together. A misunderstanding could be the origin of a disagreement, instead of camping on your positions, confess your fault, it will be so much simpler.

The third week is an important time for those who are single, a situation you had not foreseen could thwart your plans. A person might well destabilize you, could love be knocking on your door? During the last days of October you may have some good surprises.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
The first frost begins, you need human warmth, it's your fiery temperament that will warm the atmosphere. Get closer to the people you love, show them your motives, there's no reason you'll be disappointed.

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