Sagittarius May 2021 Horoscope

Work and relationships are in the spotlight! Until the 20th, a mass of energy in Taurus invites you to take care of yourself in your daily life but also your business, you will be busy and responsive. Mars in Cancer all month supports your dynamism, which is focused on your inner turmoil and your sensuality.

Saturn accompanied by Jupiter until the 13th, assures you a vibrant, constructive relationship and an excellent morale! Jupiter as early as the 14th could exacerbate your needs at home or in family, first decan. From the 21st, the energies of Gemini, in front of your sign, open the door to your partner and the others, your intimate communication or partnership takes all its place unless you decide to sign legal or conjugal contracts from now until the end of the month?

Love in General:
Your emotional life could take a nice turn especially if you already have a loved one in your life. Until the 20th, celestial energies favor your well-being in your daily life, then from the 21st it is your private sphere that receives beautiful promises! The Sun, Venus and Mercury, all harmoniously attached to your sign, announce a realization in love!

In a relationship:
Your daily life looks nice and relaxed, for a nature like yours that is all fire, some rejuvenation will be beneficial! Your other half should appreciate a frank communication as well as a very sensual shared libido. After the 21st, your partner is important and you become aware of it!

Your emotional opportunities are concentrated in your immediate environment, your work, especially from the 10th to the 31st, or even during a trip. Your dynamism will sometimes be active sometimes passive, Mars in Cancer does not completely favor your fiery nature. However, if there is an encounter, it could be perennial!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Apart from minor annoyances in the home or family, the monthly energies happily accompany you throughout this month. You could even take a liking to relationship or everyday stability that will calm your conquering nature to perfection!

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