Sagittarius July 2021 Horoscope

Inner life and powerful breath of freedom! You are encouraged until the 22nd to dive in yourself, dear Sagittarius. The energies of Cancer offer you a focus and a review of recent months, in order to start galloping towards your ideal of life.

In Leo, Mars until the 29th and Venus until the 22nd, favor your conquering nature, passionate and thirsty for discoveries, whether human, geographical or spiritual! Faced with your sign, Mercury gives the floor to others, listen until the 12th. Saturn anchors your mind, stabilizes your thoughts and builds your relationship with strength, first decan. Jupiter square to your sign disconcerts you a little at home, or with family, stay zen, last decan. From the 23rd, you are warm and vibrant like this summer!

Love in General:
An unusual emotion takes hold of your sign until the 22nd. You may feel the notion of relational and affective receptivity more intensely. Mars in beautiful aspect reinforces your dynamism, which is already big, enough to act with all your sensuality in your romantic relationships. Venus until the 22nd serves your exalted feelings. After the 23rd, accept a decline!

In a relationship:
You destabilize your other half a little under the influence of Cancer, do not become susceptible or suspicious! After the 23rd, your whole nature resumes its usual flame, all is well. Your sensual agreement is supported until the 29th by Mars, there is no breakdown of desire to predict. During the last week, you are demanding!

A meeting could occur during a trip abroad if you go on vacation and this, throughout the month, both sensual and sentimental. A young and witty person could also make your heart beat before the 12th. Forget the daily routine and embody what you are waiting for!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
All in all, the celestial energies favor your sign and respect your sacrosanct freedom. Enough to give you a foolproof optimism and engage your forces in the conquest for love or for a project that is important to your evolution. Choose!

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