Sagittarius February 2021 Horoscope

Communication in your relationship is superb and travel is favored! A cluster in Aquarius, the Sun until the 18th, Mercury and Venus until the 25th, as well as Jupiter and Saturn put intelligence at your service, acts of support for your future and beneficial meetings! You are positive, caring, enthusiastic and serious! This month foreshadows events created with others, for a collective well-being.

Mars and Uranus in Taurus stimulate your sector of work and everyday life, perhaps you have changes to live in this sector, first decan? Your dynamism will be important anyway. The energies of the Sun in Pisces from the 19th coming to join Neptune square to your sign shake up your home or your family, some disagreements, disturbances or misunderstandings are possible, especially for the second decan. Let go if necessary!

Love in General:
Your feelings lead you to an enthusiasm that you incarnate so well! Venus in Aquarius until the 25th facilitates your intimate relationships, you act with lightness and humor, your emotional life is pleasant. Your libido while being important also boosts what could annoy you. After the 19th, stay a philosopher, continue to live your love affair with wisdom and joy!

In a relationship:
A beautiful intellectual complicity all month! Your mutual feelings and this totally harmonious communication assure happy and beneficial moments in your relationship. Desires for outings together could animate your married life, enjoy! From the 19th, privilege your couple!

Encounters during an outing or in your neighborhood are ultra-favored and could slowly slip into a long-lasting emotional story. The monthly energies promote your morale, you communicate with a quickness of spirit facilitating your desire for a union. However, calm your excessive ardor, you could scare away your crush!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
You will not lack neither convenience nor exchanges in your relationship this winter month, your cheerful nature will appreciate it! Take a step back from family, soothe your martial and professional relationships and everything will be fine!

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