Sagittarius December 2021 Horoscope

The month of December looks promising. To finish the year you decide to boost your career, you are full of projects, you need to renew your daily life, your choice was not decided on a whim, beforehand everything was evaluated, so now all you have left to do is take the plunge. Around December 13th, opportunities arise, new tracks are to be dug, you start a new life.

Because of a peak of activity, around the 27th you could experience a drop in your energy level, nothing really bad, you quickly regain a second wind. The excitement of the arrival of the holiday season gives you energy, your morale is leaping forward.

Love in General:
At the beginning of the month, your ideas are somewhat confused, you swing between feelings and reasons, you do not know where you are. Then thanks to a small miracle you find your smile (a meeting or a reconciliation) everything is much better. You organize yourself so that your activities stick with your private life, you want to preserve the habits of your loved ones.

In a relationship:
As a couple you lay all your cards on the table, you prefer to restart on a healthy basis. The arrival of the New Year is conducive to change, so you anticipate. You are more determined than ever, the strength of your relationship allows you to make plans for the future. Joint projects are on the agenda.

If you've had a meeting recently, it's keeping all its promises, but you're slowly moving forward for the moment. However, around December 19th, everything is accelerating, you're making giant strides. As incredible as it sounds, you are reassured, you have confidence.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Your activities are many, you are a little tired but everything is fine. Do not ask for too much, think of taking small breaks and relaxing, it is essential to keep fit.

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