Sagittarius April 2021 Horoscope

The spotlight is on your loves and relationships! A beautiful cluster in Aries announces beneficial events for your sign concerning your love life and creativity for parents if you have children.

Your morale is at the top from the 5th to the 19th, optimism and joie de vivre! Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, harmoniously connected to your Sun signal an evolution and a solid possibility to build long-term relationships in agreement with your true self, last two decans. Mars facing your sign until the 23rd, invites you to negotiate and accept the opinions of others in your private sphere under pain of living passionate but conflictual relationships. From the 20th, energies in Taurus boost your daily or professional life, open up, give the best of yourself!

Love in General:
A beautiful month in perspective! Your emotional sector receives the promising beneficial energies of the Sun until the 19th, and Mercury from the 5th to the 19th and from Venus until the 14th. Your passionate, feisty, emotional nature will adore these impulses, and beautiful opportunities of happiness will be announced! Your desires will be strong, Mars facing you boosts your libido resolutely focused towards a beloved partner.

In a relationship:
If you are able to better manage your nature that is sometimes a little excessive until the 23rd, under the influxes of Mars in Gemini, then your married life announces itself filled with love and joy. Watch your verbal communication with your other half, leave them with their ideas and freedom to think. Until the 20th, it's happiness!

Love is in the air! Jupiter and Saturn could provoke a meeting. The energies of Aries until the 20th, also favor love at first sight during a cultural or festive outing! After the 21st, keep an eye out for your work, in your everyday life, your chances run the whole month!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
A very nice month! Your heart and your body should appreciate the sky if you opt for letting go in your relationships. Your temperament which sometimes hinders the principles could prevent this beautiful harmony in perspective. So, relax!

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