Sagittarius 2021 Horoscope

In many respects, this year 2021 marks a period of new landmarks, and a time that challenges you to come to grips with your nature and your needs as a whole person.
But the process may feel like one of chipping away at the elements of your life which have grown stale so that you can open a pathway leading in a more promising direction. This is a time of inspiration and hope, and is accompanied by the energy which helps you lay a foundation beneath all those castles in the air. You can see the benefits of putting your efforts behind your dreams, and have a chance to focus your creative vitality and make it work for you.
Although Pluto made its ingress into Sagittarius last year, it is during 2021 that this cycle is fully under way. Pluto will be transiting in your sign until 2008, and at some point in the course of this 12 years will be conjunctingyour Sun.
This is a once-in-a-life- time cycle, and will indicate a time of sweeping changes. The exact timing of this conjunction depends upon your date of birth, and will be noted in the Sun Sign Book as a highlight for you when it occurs. Even if you do not feel the full effects of this conjunction until later on, you will experience the effects of this energy even now. It is crucial to take an inventory of your life and face up to who you are. By reaching deep within yourself, you also will uncover the essence of the person you want to be, and that is the power and beauty of this time. Fortunately, you have a few years to work with these transformational changes. After all,, rebirth takes a bit of time.
Jupiter’s transit in Capricorn highlights your solar 2nd house, drawing your attention to your values. You may feel an increased
tendency to spend money or to accumulate greater material wealth, but the true essence of this period involves your ability to make the most of all your resources and allow them a space to grow.
Not only are you concentrating on your material possessions, but you are more aware of your worth as a person and the value of your time. This is an excellent time to make investments, but can be a dangerous time to speculate if the risks are high. It’s also critical to choose with care the opportunities that come your way, since you can easily become overextended because it’s just too hard to say no. You can use the energy of this cycle to step higher toward attaining your goals. Just be sure you can maintain your stride.
The solar and lunar eclipses for 2021 intensify your need to experience love and to fully immerse yourself in the process of loving. Not only are you likely to feel more generous and giving, but you can also open and receive caring support and love from others. This is an excellent time to become more involved with children, and to allow your own childlike spontaneity to emerge through artistic or creative talents and abilities. Your experience and understanding of love also is evolving during this phase. It’s time to uncover elements in your psyche that prevent you from fully embracing love and allowing it to flow through your life.
The cycle of giving and receiving becomes more marked, and you may discover that you’re involved in some relationships that require a lot of giving, but offer little in return. If the reverse is true, you’re likely to hear complaints from your partner or children! It’s time to adjust that imbalance and to make your feelings and needs known, while allowing others to express themselves, as well.
Saturn also begins its two-year cycle transiting through your solar 5th house, requiring more discipline in your creative or artistic pursuits. You also may feel more restrained in your expression, but can become more self-assured if you’re taking a more responsible attitude toward your needs for pleasure and enjoyment. It’s no longer sufficient to do something just because you want to do it. The effects of your actions and words are more noticeable during this phase. You also can become more committed, and realize a more satisfying love life because you are willing to take responsibility for your feelings and actions.

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