Sagittarius 2023 Wellness Horoscope

Trends in health status will be difficult to determine. The Rabbit will recommend Sagittarius to stay alert and trust their intuition. At the beginning of 2023, you should try not to overcool. The reproductive and urinary systems will require special attention. And the horoscope warns women against casual acquaintances with the opposite sex. If such a rapprochement has already occurred, then you should think about additional protection of your health.

From the middle of the summer period, relaxation of the nervous system is possible. Do not take negative situations to heart. They will pass very quickly, but the feelings will remain. Do not forget - "all diseases are from nerves"! Closer to December, a big surprise is expected or the fulfillment of an old desire, for which the representatives of the sign will not be able to prepare. And, most likely, it will be like a New Year's miracle, which, with any expectation, amazes and delights. In this situation, it is better not to hold back emotions - they definitely prolong life.

Sagittarius should have their health status under systematic control. This, in fact, does not mean that they should get hung up on the parameters of the body and the symptoms of malaise. However, one should not ignore at least the most obvious among them and those that began to appear and repeat regularly. An important aspect of well-being in 2023 for Sagittarius will be the state of their nervous system. The more calm and satisfied they can feel, and the longer such periods are, the less problems they will have in terms of physical health. Accordingly, they are strongly discouraged from bringing themselves to chronic overwork, to a breakdown, apathy.

Another risk factor for many Sagittariuses in this annual cycle will be problems in the digestive system. To minimize them, it is advisable for them to start taking their nutrition more seriously, both in terms of diet and in terms of food intake. This means that Sagittarius must firstly make their meals more regular, secondly, avoid street food and fast food, and thirdly, eat less exotic dishes and dishes with too pronounced taste (for example, very acute).

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