Sagittarius Wellness Horoscope

Physical structure of Sagittarius –the archers have very charming appearance and stature. They are tall, strong and have thick hair. They are always smiling and have sparkling eyes which makes them very attractive. They have a pleasing voice and attractive looks. They have long arms, big nose and big top row teeth. Their trunks are shorter than their arms and as they tend to age they start putting on weight. This is because as they become old they become over indulgent and also lazy and restless. They dress according to the situation and always look jovial and happy. They easily adapt to the changing environment.

Habits of Sagittarius –it is not easy for the Sagittarius to form habits because they do not easily pick up anything. It takes a lot of time and proper indulgence for them to pick something as their habit. But once they pick up an habit they will not let it go easily. They are very honest and straightforward people and never hesitate to speak the truth, even if it is bitter. Because of their straightforward attitude they tend to hurt people as they are blunt. They need to learn to be more compassionate and sensitive about people and their feelings.

Health for Sagittarius – when they are young they are healthy and hardly face any health issues. Once they start ageing they will face all sorts of health issues as they become overindulgence and tend to get lazy as well. Some of the problem areas in their body are hips, thighs, stomach, feet and liver. They need to avoid smoking, drinking and rich diets to stay healthy. They also need to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle to avoid high blood pressure and serious liver disorders. Since they are prone to accidents they should be careful while driving or any physical activity.

Beauty scope of Sagittarius – these individuals like to dress according to their personality, casual and sporty. Thus they look best in t-shirts, chopped off shirts, sneakers, sport cap etc. they have long and beautiful legs which looks beautiful in leggings and tight jeans. Their favourite colour is purple which brings out their friendly and jovial nature. Dressing and their appearance is not very much of a concern for them as they are too occupied with other things. They like wearing comfortable clothes that will make them feel good and easy wherever they are.

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