Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Your week begins with opportunities for self-expression when the sun in your sign forms a sextile with Saturn in Aquarius on Tuesday. This can increase your mental quickness as thoughts and ideas flow through you with ease. This is a great day to teach others because you’ll have the patience to communicate with beginners.

Fantasies about the “perfect” family fill your head as we get closer to the holiday season and Neptune turns direct in Pisces and your home zone on Wednesday. However, your real life might not measure up to your daydreams. Embrace the messiness, Sagittarius. It’s what makes life magical.

Saturday brings a powerful energy when the solar eclipse is in your sign, bringing waves of positivity. While it isn’t the best day to make radical changes to your life, it’s a great day to try something new. Just make it small like a new restaurant or workout.

Sagittarius Compatibility