Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

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With many stars packed into your solar sixth house of productivity, you’re as busy as you can be, Sagittarius. The new moon on May 11 could see you assessing your work/life balance as well as taking on more projects with your employer. If you’d like a better job, look in the days following this lunation. Another way this could manifest for you is by reviewing your calendar to see what is wasting your time so you can restructure your plan. Also, integrating a healthier diet and exercise routine into your life could revolutionize your energy level, helping you achieve even more.

Another shift takes place midmonth as Jupiter, your ruler, soars into your solar fourth house. This means that from the thirteenth until July 28 you could see expansion and happiness around domestic, real estate, or family matters. If you’d like to improve any of these areas, make it a priority now.

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The most significant turning point this month is surely the fiery lunar eclipse in your zodiac sign on May 26. This mighty event could see you stepping into the spotlight, bringing a tremendous culmination to your life. Lunar eclipses signify major choices, achievements, and endings. No matter what, show the world what you want and move toward it!

May ends with a Mercury retrograde that officially begins on the twenty-ninth. This cycle always creates confusion, delays, and miscommunication. For you, these will likely be tied to relationship or partnership matters, so do your best to be a listener, and don’t ignore the facts.

Standout days: 26, 29, 31
Challenging days: 3, 21, 27

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