Sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope

You’re seeking perfection under the critical Virgo sun this week. Does it exist? Maybe. But it’s going to take you a long time to find it, Sagittarius. And keep in mind that it isn’t fair to have high standards for someone else if you aren’t offering at least the same level of flawlessness!

Asteroid Palls pairs up with beautiful Libra in the middle of the week, casting a graceful, poised shadow over your love life. It’s easy to gloss over red flags now, especially when you’re extremely attracted to someone. Maybe it will all just magically work out, right?!

Ceres, another steroid, links up with deep, probing Scorpio on Friday, driving you to find out more about your crush. You’re into covert investigations and revealing their deepest, darkest secrets now. Current mood: obsessed!

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