Sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope

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Vesta leaves earthy Virgo for more easygoing, balanced Libra at the beginning of the week, allowing you to be less critical and more open-minded when it comes to potential dates. What did you learn from your past relationship? Avoid repeating any mistakes you might have made.

With the sun headed into Leo, the fun-loving sign it rules, in the middle of the week, you now have a month of silly but moving romantic gestures to look forward to. Your ego is bigger than usual now, but try not to take rejection too personally. Laughing it off shows you don’t take yourself too seriously.

The Mercury-Neptune trine in water signs over the weekend brings out feelings that you weren’t aware you had. When a daydream or actual dream reveals your emotional attachment to someone, it can be quite eye-opening. Your subconscious is an excellent matchmaker now.

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