Sagittarius Monthly Love Horoscope

Your luck is electric while your exciting, adventure-seeking leader Jupiter absorbs the fast-moving energy of the Ram early this month. Although you might butt heads with people who don’t agree with the way you’re living your life, you honestly don’t really care. Love happens fast, and it could knock you over during this rapid-fire transit.

On June 4, you’ll start to deal with some retrograde energy as big-time Saturn backs up while partnered with individualistic air sign Aquarius. Your first instinct might be to do something totally out of character to get your crush’s attention, but this is more of a time to strategize than act. There will be a good time to use those amazingly unique ideas, but the remainder of this month isn’t it.

A full moon in your outspoken, funny sign on the fourteenth brings someone into your life who might seem extremely familiar. Have you met them someplace before, or did you know them in a past life? This is one of the few times that the trite pickup line “don’t I know you from somewhere?” might actually work!

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