Sagittarius Monthly Love Horoscope

With your expansive home planet Jupiter retrograde in Pisces and your fourth house for most of the month, you’re a lot more introspective about what your family life might look like in the future. And you’ll be looking for links and connections from your childhood (trauma, perhaps) that have helped form the way you look at your past, current and potential relationships, Heavy stuff, huh? But don’t shy away from it just because it’s tough.

On November 8, there’s a much lighter (and enlightening) sun-Mercury conjunction in your twelfth house that can stir up some pretty intuitive insights. All will be revealed now (via Tarot readings, astrological charts, rune stone castings, etc.), and there’s no reason to look away. Many of the answers you’ve been looking for can be found during this revelatory planetary meetup.

The sun exits controlled Scorpio for your own mutable sign on the twenty-second, giving you the chance to make some radical personal changes. If you want a do-over, this is the time to reinvent yourself, Sag. When an ex hears about your (emotional, physical, mental, spiritual) progress, they won’t believe they ever let you go!

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