Sagittarius Monthly Love Horoscope

You’ve probably been experiencing some hot impulsive encounters as your lucky leader Jupiter has been traveling with exciting Aries lately, and a Venus-Jupiter conjunction turns the heat up a notch on March 1. Look for signs that a passionate connection you make during this aspect has lasting power.

On March 20, the sun leaves timid Pisces to join up with like-minded fire sign Aries, adding more fuel to your internal fire. You’re extremely confident in your abilities now, Sagittarius, and that self-assuredness is contagious. Someone you’ve been trying to get to notice you suddenly can’t stay away.

There’s more good news as an optimistic Mercury-Jupiter conjunction arrives on March 28 and gives you an exciting message that you’ve been hoping for. Be sure to read all your texts, DMs, replies, and comments on your social media posts. One will definitely stand out!

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