Sagittarius Love Horoscope

These are very restless and energetic creatures. They love their freedom and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Sagittarius is a type of person who will go through each day with a smile and would always be on the outlook for some new adventures.

These individuals are usually immensely optimistic and always look at the brighter side of every situation. Their cheerfulness and fun-loving nature usually gets them many friends. Although at times, they can throw a shoe at you and scream that you’re an idiot, they will soon forget about it and forgive you for whatever sins you have committed. They always want to discover new things, and doing same thing over and over is really not their cup of tea. However, very often this love for change means that these individuals are quite inconsistent and have unstable interests. Optimism is one of their strengths, but if it is exaggerated, it will turn into weakness, and many Sagittarians out there have exactly this problem. With excess optimism they will often fail to notice obvious faults in some situations and people and will eventually cause themselves unnecessary trouble.

At work, Archers can be very ambitious. Their imaginative minds can help them a lot in finding creative solutions to problems. Although, they can be inconsistent, Sagittarians are reliable and can be trusted. Many of these people have very strong ideals about how things should be, and will stand strong for those beliefs. For the job, these folks will usually feel most comfortable with something that involves a regular change, and can keep their curiosity intact; they rarely enjoy jobs that involve routine and similar day-to-day tasks. If we were to choose three words to describe people under this zodiac, they would be: free-spirited, fun-loving idealists.

Sagittarius Compatibility