Sagittarius Monthly Career Horoscope

On June 3, Mercury goes direct in Taurus and your house of coworkers. Some difficulty with a colleague can ease now (at least they seem slightly less irritating). Sagittarius, things are getting better at the office.

The fourteenth brings the full moon in your own sign of Sagittarius lighting up your house of confidence. Now is the time to put yourself forward for a raise or promotion or to promote your business. Make sure your name is on reports so you can get credit. Over the next two weeks, get yourself a megaphone to tell people about your accomplishments.

On June 22, Venus enters Gemini. Over the next month, others might step up to collaborate with you. You could meet an influencer or mentor who is willing to work with you. This is a great time to send out direct messages or reach out to people in your networking group.

The new moon in Cancer is on the twenty-eighth, and you can now get some help with resources (including cash) that you need for your business or job. If you work for someone else, talk to HR about retirement plans, benefits and discounted stock purchase plans. In your own business, you might set up your Keogh plan.

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