Sagittarius Monthly Career Horoscope

This month, you might be ready to take a calculated risk. The full moon in Virgo is on March 7, and Saturn enters Pisces at the same time. Sagittarius, your work on social media is very easily seen right now. If you work in content creation, this could be quite a boon for your business. This is also beneficial if you’re launching a marketing campaign. Your work could win an award.

On the twentieth, the sun enters Aries, and there’s a new moon in Aries the next day. Sagittarius, you might want to patent something you’ve created. You could talk to a patent attorney or try a do-it-yourself patent search. Or you might be trademarking your logo. You could add copyright information to articles on your website. This is a time when it would be wise to protect what you’ve created.

Mars trines Saturn on March 30. Sagittarius, you might be feeling rather frugal right now. In fact, you could be making a game out of it, looking for ways you can be a financial minimalist, spending only when absolutely necessary. This could include taking your lunch to work or negotiating to see if you can work from home and save on gas.

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