Sagittarius Monthly Career Horoscope

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In July, Sagittarius native, you're itching to go places and do things. The first has Mars in Leo opposing Saturn in Aquarius and your house of transportation. You might be prevented from getting somewhere on time. This could be due to car trouble, traffic, or road construction. Take some steps to be prepared in case you miss a meeting.

The new moon in Cancer is on July 9, and over the next two weeks you have more opportunities to gain financially. This could manifest as a low-interest loan or grant for your business. You could secure some angel investor funding or gain through a crowdfunding website.

The twenty-third brings the full moon in Aquarius and your house of communication, and you could receive an agreement for employment. Many of the points on the contract are negotiable, so don't hesitate to voice what you want.

On July 29, Mars goes into Virgo and your house of career. Over the next few weeks, you want to make a big push for success. This is the time to ask for a promotion, raise, or even propose that your supervisor create a whole new position for you that’s better suited to your talents.

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