Sagittarius Third Decan

Third decan Sagittarius born between December 13 and December 21. If a person is born between these days, the ruling planet is Sun. They are instinctive, impressive, truthful, careful and cautious in their dealings, which make them good at negotiating. They tend to succeed in achieving their goals with aggressiveness. They are attractive; do not shy away from taking risks. They are warm and friendly and love publicity and like to be in the spotlight constantly. They often succeed as actors, entertainers or even lawyers.

The third Decan Sagittarius personality is characterized by charisma, risk taking and showmanship. They are natural risk takers which could equally propel them to the very top of any profession. But by taking further risks, combined with their sunny charismatic nature they would easily climb out of any hole they get into. They possess natural charisma. They always exude warmth, friendliness and a sunny disposition. People flock to them because of this charming charisma and love to spend time with them. Because of this they are very popular and have many friends and admirers.

They love to be in the center of attention and are constantly on the lookout for ways that they can perform and shine because they are natural showmen. They could be a successful actor or entertainer or even a teacher or lawyer. They love to be praised, admired and acclaimed.

Sagittarius Third Decan - Mental Man of Moon

When we think of the Sun, descriptive words such as bright, dazzling, cheerful, optimistic, energetic, huge and powerful would automatically pop into our heads. Hence, under this influence, you are blessed with a sunny disposition that not only draws people into your orbit, but also makes them want to be your friend.

You always exude charm and warmth with a cheery smile on your face; even if you are not in the best of moods, you won’t sulk like a spoiled kid being told off by his momma, nor grumble-rant about stupid things and annoying characters around you.

You have a tank filled to the brim with positivity, which is why catastrophic thinkers in your life turn to you whenever doom and gloom thoughts invade their minds. You are very encouraging and supportive in both words and actions. In addition to this, you have an incredible ability to boost egos, and compliment people to the point that they think they are better than everyone else at such-and-such.

And because your generosity is your middle name, you have no hesitation about jumping in and helping others in any way you can. It is a possibility that you might even put their needs above your own, if they are one of your favorite people on planet Earth, or if their story pulls hard at your heartstrings.

You like being in places where you feel really important or allow you to showcase your talents, and are happiest when other people look at you with admiration in their eyes and wish they had your awesomeness. You absolutely hate to be mocked and laughed at, not to mention, have zero tolerance for shameless thieves that steal your limelight as well as manipulative opportunists that use every chance to gain something for themselves at your expense.

Although you are known for being bold, confident, outgoing and spontaneous, you can be rather shy in front of the opposite gender, particularly if you start to develop romantic feelings for him or her. So, my friend, don’t be surprised to find yourself wondering how to tell the object of your affection that you like them a lot, or dropping small hints here and there, and hoping they will get your I-think-you-are-really-cute message.

You have quite a lustful appetite for sensual pleasure, but thankfully, you are not the type that is easily tempted to cheat when their partner is away or too tired to satisfy their sexual fantasies. Once you have a ring on your finger, or in a blissful relationship, you are very faithful and won’t stray, though you might steal a glance at young and sexy strangers.

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