Sagittarius and Virgo Compatibility

Every mythological Adventurer needs a Healer at some point in the grand scheme of things, to treat their wounds and to give them the strength to continue. Although quite dramatically different in their personalities, Sagittarius and Virgo compatibility is surprisingly strong, and this couple can form a very loving bond over time.

In understanding how this couple gel together, it’s helpful to remember that both Sagittarius and Virgo are mutable signs. These are flexible, adaptable people, unburdened by dogmatism and not afraid to change their minds and their lifestyles when it seems sensible to do so. Where other fire and earth matches might flounder, Sagittarius and Virgo compatibility survives because of this unique mutual willingness to accommodate each other. Sagittarius thrives on risk, excitement and impulse, while Virgo thrives on order, routine and stability, yet both signs are intellectual in their approach to life and this couple will love discussing life at length and debating the issues of the day. This meeting of minds is a strong point which further underpins Sagittarius and Virgo compatibility where other such relationships might fail.

If forced together as colleagues or neighbours, Sagittarius and Virgo might actually disapprove of each other. Taken at face value, the Adventurer will find the Healer staid, boring and predictable, while Virgo will find Sagittarius brash, uncouth and wilfully wild. It’s only when the spark of love is lit that these two signs begin to realise how much they have to offer each other. When Sagittarius and Virgo compatibility works well, Virgo offers Sagittarius a safe and stable harbour to retreat to after their adventures – just what our mythological Adventurer needs. Sagittarius, meanwhile, gives the Healer plenty to heal and offers genuine respect for Virgo’s talents, which pleases Virgo no end. Virgo can put just the right amount of brakes onto Sagittarius’ latest wild scheme, and ground it in reality, while Sagittarius can inject just the right amount of fun and unpredictability into the routines of Virgo. For Sagittarius and Virgo, compatibility of ideas and goals isn’t to be underestimated; they just have different ways of getting there.

It’s not all easy, though. As much as Sagittarian fire will warm up Virgo and help bring the Healer to life, that same fire and passion can be a worry to Virgo when there’s a risk of Sagittarius straying. Infidelity is an occupational hazard for the wandering Adventurer, but is an absolute no-no for steady, committed Virgo. If the worst does happen, how Sagittarius handles the fall out will spell make or break for this partnership, because devoted Virgo doesn’t deserve to be treated so unfairly. Fortunately, there’s an inbuilt sense of justice in Sagittarius, and Virgo compatibility grows when the Virgo partner “gets” the honesty and integrity of Sagittarius. It’s not that there won’t be bumps along the road, just that this couple are adaptable enough to navigate them.

Sagittarius and Virgo Compatibility Scores

Sagittarius and Virgo can be a very solid match on the surface, however some major differences exist underneath which can be challenging. The low scores represent this initial compatibility issue. However, if you can both adapt to the others style this is a relationship which will improve steadily over time, and eventually rival any other match.

Zodiac SignsCompatibilityLoveCommunication
Sagittarius and VirgoMediumMediumMedium

Sagittarius and Virgo Relationships

Virgo likes nature, Sagittarius likes adventure. The best first date would be outdoors horseback riding, bicycling or hiking. Take a picnic along for fun. These two zodiac signs share intellect and a thirst for knowledge. With an analytical mind, Virgos want to organize things, and gatherer details. While not overly romantic, Virgo lovers know what they want and commit. They deliver on a serious relationship. Virgo is attracted to stability and successful people for a love match. They look for ambition and intelligence. Demonstrate factual knowledge of current events. Display confidence and don’t complain about work or any emotional problems.

Sagittarius’ principles are based on freedom. They are not overly emotional or moody but are optimistic thinkers and explorers. A love match will not last with a clingy lover, and Sagittarius is not interested in details. Virgos will need a lot of energy and creativity to attract, and keep, a Sagittarius lover. This star sign is constantly on the go and keeps on exploring. Talk about travel, vacations and adventures. Use humor and mystery. Don’t jump in right away, go slow.

Sagittarius signs take their passion for adventure into the bedroom. They like to explore and are champions of one-night stands. Virgo wants to feel safe and be respected before committing. Once that is established, a lot of fun and satisfying sex can be had.

The anything goes Sagittarius carries their love for the outdoors into a sexual relationship. They are most likely to have outdoor sex and risque encounters. Since Virgo is critical and not so romantic, attitude adjustments will be needed. If Virgo lets the Sagittarius lover take charge, these lovers will visit places not on a map.

With an enthusiastic attitude and adventurous spirit, Sagittarius will not become a home body. A long-term relationship sounds suspicious. Virgo likes home, stability and organization. However, Sagittarius and Virgo lovers have the capacity to change. Sagittarius can open Virgo’s mind and lead the way to acceptance. Virgo can teach Sagittarius manners and courtesy. Cooperation will keep the romance alive.

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