Sagittarius and Leo Compatibility

What can we expect from Sagittarius and Leo compatibility? Clearly, when these two passionate, confident fire signs meet there will be a mutual attraction and a physical spark. This is a playful and enthusiastic match as a short term love affair, with lots of sexual compatibility and exuberance – but how does it fare as a long term relationship?

Both of these signs are open and sociable by nature, and although Sagittarius is the great Adventurer of the zodiac, Leo royalty isn’t one to shy away from excitement either. This couple will greet the world with open arms, and the world is likely to greet them likewise, with many friends being drawn to the warmth of their match. They’re a “fun” couple – you get the impression that nothing really gets these two down, and that any difficulties are taken in their stride with good humour and characteristic optimism from both parties. Sagittarius and Leo compatibility, it seems, is almost unbeatable, or so it would appear to the casual observer.

It is a strong relationship, no doubt about that. However, both of these fiery characters will need to compromise a little in order to ensure long term stability. The Royal likes to live in absolute comfort and luxury, and rows could ensue if this couple’s adventure takes them out of Leo’s (literal) comfort zone, or if Sagittarius’ devil-may-care attitude extends towards the joint finances. Perhaps a greater problem for Sagittarius and Leo compatibility, however, is that Leo needs to be adored, and needs to be told constantly that they are adored. Free and easy Sagittarius doesn’t really “do” this level of attention to a partner. The Adventurer will count upon physical ardour to show his or her love for Leo, but won’t stoop to the ego stroking Leo usually requires, which could spell trouble.

Leo is quite a possessive and jealous sign, and there could come a point in this relationship when Sagittarius’ requirement for freedom provokes the wrath of his or her Leo partner. Normally, however, Leo is big hearted and bright enough to understand the Adventurer, and will try hard not to take any platonic wanderings to heart too much. For Sagittarius and Leo compatibility, this balance between possession and freedom is a core issue to solve. It may have to be Sagittarius who budges in the end, because Leo is a fixed sign, whereas Sagittarius is a mutable, flexible one.

However, although Leo will tolerate Sagittarius wanting a wide circle of friends and acquaintances, when it comes to fidelity problems can arise. Leo is a highly faithful and loyal sign, whereas Sagittarius the Adventurer can be a little….reckless…in this area. If the Adventurer betrays the Royal, he or she can expect to be banished from the royal court for ever more – Leo has a very big heart, but cannot and will not forgive infidelity, if only because of personal pride. Straying to another partner is probably the one thing Sagittarius and Leo compatibility cannot survive.

Sagittarius and Leo Compatibility Scores

Sagittarius and Leo is a great match, often with soulmate potential! You have a lot in common with this partner, and overall this is likely to be a particularly energetic, explosive and fun loving relationship. You’re both optimistic, generous, carefree and enthusiastic. You both like to party hard and live life to the fullest. Highly impulsive, you both like to play with fire occasionally, and this relationship will be no exception, likely developing at a very fast pace.

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Sagittarius and LeoHighHighHigh

Sagittarius and Leo Relationships

A date between Sagittarius and Leo will be extravagant and impressive. Tickets to the most exclusive events in town will work for this love duo. Nothing is too good for Leo. Sagittarius would like to move that dinner to an exotic restaurant or Luau.

All Sagittarius has to do to attract Leo is pass around the compliments. A little adoration and admiration help catch Leo’s eye. Out of the big crowd where Leo is the center of attention, attracting this lover can be fairly easy. Leos must be catered to and enjoy being entertained with funny stories and adventurous tales. Always dress nice and show passion for everything.

To attract the Sagittarius, be straightforward, approach with optimism and dazzle with your adventures. Sagittarius women are known for their charm while the Sagittarius male is known for constant activity. Talk, ask questions and make them laugh. Invite them over for dinner and chess. They love games.

Sagittarius is not above using flattery to get sex and is the astrological victor of one night stands. They love the thrill of the chase. While Leo is trying to catch Sagittarius, Sagittarius is off chasing other conquests. The Sagittarius’ sex drive matches Leo’s. Games, and role play are standard in the bedroom. The Leo lover is dominating and adventurous. Both lovers gladly participate in risque sexual encounters. The Sagittarius erogenous zone is the thighs and Leo’s is the back. Sex for these lovers is physical and athletic.

Sagittarius and Leo both value their freedom, independence and the hunt for adventure. Sagittarius lives for the moment and Leo sticks to his traditions. Both want to be the leader. Leo needs to learn how to share the spotlight, and forgo some of that infamous arrogance. Sagittarius should be more grounded and think beyond today. Both lovers should learn to ask, not command and nurture diplomacy. Astrologically, this love match is perfect and almost guarantees a happy union.

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