Sagittarius and Gemini Compatibility

When Edward Lear wrote of the owl and the pussycat that they “set out to sea in a pea green boat; they took some honey and plenty of money …. And sailed away for a year and a day,” I’m sure he had Sagittarius and Gemini compatibility in mind. If ever there was a couple who will be happy upping sticks and following adventure, it’s these two.

Sagittarius is the physical and philosophical explorer of the zodiac, the eternal mythological Adventurer. For Gemini, the adventure is more of a mental one, but these very similar outlooks on life ensure that this couple will be firm friends and mutually understanding lovers. Although Sagittarius and Gemini are opposites, astrologically speaking, the two signs have more in common than many opposite sign pairings do. This boosts Sagittarius and Gemini compatibility, and in facts adds an element of magnetic attraction into the mix.

For Sagittarius and Gemini, compatibility will involve a wondrous quest, a learning adventure, a journey towards the truth. Both signs are positive, enthusiastic and extrovert, and both have bright minds and a keen intelligence. Because of Sagittarius’ love of freedom and Gemini’s fickleness, both have a reluctance to commit in other star sign compatibility scenarios, but together they are surprisingly willing to join forces. Perhaps it’s because neither of them demands too much from the other, and both are perfectly content with a relatively free and open-ish relationship.

Sagittarius is a fire sign and brings plenty of passion to this partnership. Gemini is not so physically ardent, but will adore the Adventurer’s attention and will be delighted to experiment, keeping this couple’s sex life fresh and alive. This “newness” is vital to Sagittarius, and Gemini compatibility works better with constant renewal too. Air signs and fire sign generally are a good match for one another, but usually the fire sign needs the air sign more than the other way round. Here, Sagittarius does need Gemini in order to understand that there are two sides to every story – but uniquely, Gemini needs Sagittarius just as much, to help give focus and direction to Gemini’s scattered energies. The strongest of all air and fire sign couples, this is a big boost to Sagittarius and Gemini compatibility prospects.

Sagittarius and Gemini Compatibility Scores

Sagittarius and Gemini is a match of strong physical chemistry and similar personalities, yet very different outlooks in some key areas. You have much in common, for one you both enjoy stimulating conversation. This is a fairly complex match in the area of communication, so to focus on that briefly, as it’s likely to be important to you in a partner.

Zodiac SignsCompatibilityLoveCommunication
Sagittarius and GeminiMediumHighMedium

Sagittarius and Gemini Relationships

A first date with Sagittarius and Gemini might be at the most exotic restaurant in town. Moroccan, Indian, whatever is available will be fun and satisfies Gemini’s love for a little magic. This type of date also fits Sagittarius’ attraction to the unique and sensual. They will start with lots of questions, talk about their travel adventures and laugh a lot.

Gemini is fatally curious and mischievous. Sagittarius is curious and loves adventure. Sagittarius women have positive attitudes, but want to take a relationship slowly. Gemini does not want clingers and loves variety. With Gemini’s love of adventure and Sagittarius’ endless energy, these two signs of the zodiac have found a love match for their risk taking lifestyle.

To attract a Gemini will require a lover that can match the high mental and physical endeavors. Their idea of fun is a lively discussion and playful debate. They know a little about a lot of things and have sharp minds. Gemini craves an constant activity and a demanding lifestyle. If Sagittarius fails to keep up, Gemini may disappear.

Sagittarius values freedom. The male Sagittarius loves the thrill of the hunt and is the zodiac’s top victor of one-night stands. Gemini is fickle and will also engage in a one stand. This zodiac love mate will not get involved in emotional problems needing long-term support.

Gemini is a hot, physical lover. Expressing themselves in explicit sexual talk is pleasurably received by Sagittarius. The sensual connection for Gemini is hands and arms. Sagittarius’ erogenous zone is the thighs. Since Gemini is turned on by touch and Sagittarius likes sexual exploration, this couple will have erotic sex anywhere and engage in risque encounters.

Sagittarius and Gemini are opposite signs in the zodiac and opposites attract. This can be a long-term relationship if understanding and levelheadedness are employed. Differences are Sagittarius’ jealousy and Gemini’s desire to roam. Positives are Sagittarius’ love of Gemini’s imagination in the bedroom and Gemini loves Sagittarius’s sex drive. Having a lot of opportunity to work with, this love match could be shaped into a long-term relationship and could even end up in marriage.

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