Rat Sagittarius

The first thing most people think of when they hear the word “skunk” is the noxious odor the animal can emit as a defensive maneuver. Less talked about is the thick-skinned, independent, and solitary nature of this animal or how it prefers a wide range of land to call home rather than a single den. It is these attributes that best represent those born under the Zodiac sign of the Rat Sagittarius.

Members of this sign live by their own philosophy and prefer to follow their own path instead of taking the easy road. Confident, energetic, and independent, they seek new life experiences and rarely stay in one place for too long. Like their animal namesake, Rat Sagittarius don’t care if you like them or not - they are going to do what they want and have no trouble leaving others behind. Most people know better than to cross them, as they are idealists who hold their ground when challenged.

Rat Sagittarius are witty and tend to have a somewhat dark sense of humor. They find reality far more intriguing than absurdity and can find humor where others can only see tragedy. They are not morose, but observant. They have good instincts and trust their senses, though they don’t pay much attention to anything beyond their momentary point of view. Rat Sagittarius only look forward, never back. They are not sentimental and don’t dwell on the past. They are far more concerned with what’s around the corner than what they’ve left behind. Some people consider them selfish because of this, but in truth Rat Sagittarius just want to be left alone to do what they think is best and usually extend others this same courtesy.

Ironically, they are at their best when focused on helping others. Though they can and should have a life of adventure, too much time alone can cause them to become selfish, aggressive, and greedy. Likewise, they shouldn’t allow themselves to become bored just to please others. A bored Rat Sagittarius is the worst kind. Without excitement and energy they can easily surrender to their dark side, becoming blunt, irritable, judgmental, restless, and unfocused.

Rat Sagittarius Traits

Your personality eternally bears the mark of adolescence, with a very playful, emotive, and sentimental side. There always exists in you something unfinished and unconcerned. Very light-hearted, you always try to escape all ascendancy, but with gentleness. You are neither very realistic nor very tenacious, and have a tendency to lethargy.

Boredom is your number one enemy. It’s why you’ve a great need of changes and travels. Nothing pleases you more than seeing new faces, learning new things, discovering new countries and new cultures. You fear to be deceived, to fall victim of ill-intentioned people; and yet, you can’t help trusting others.

Because of your lack of perseverance, you generally don’t know very well how to profit from favorable circumstances on the professional and material plane. But your resourcefulness and your gift for winning useful relations are of great help to you. You prefer doing an irregular or seasonal job to following a routine or undergoing great obligations.

Charming and lovable, you love love but hate definitive engagements. Unable to resist a solicitation and always ready to embark on a new adventure, you complicate your affairs of the heart as if out of pleasure, thus rendering them subject to sudden changes. Under such conditions, it’s better to establish your marriage on a free and friendly basis.

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