Rabbit Sagittarius

Gentle, philosophical, and adventurous, those born under the sign of the Rabbit Sagittarius are not interested in aggressive behavior or confrontation. Instead, they prefer to enjoy the world on their own terms. Rabbit Sagittarius long for new experiences in life and get bored with routine fairly quickly. They don’t need the drama that some other signs crave, preferring to relax, explore, and wander at their leisure.

This is a sign that is full of opposites, some contradictory and some complimentary. Despite their enjoyment of new experiences they also like spending a lot of time at home. They are clever and ambitious, capable of accomplishing almost anything, yet they are very specific about what they do and do not want to do. Often they will start projects just to abandon them when something more interesting comes along.

Like their animal namesake, those born under the sign of the Rabbit Sagittarius like to stay up late at night, even if they are just relaxing. They are playful with their own people but are considerably more wary of outsiders. There is a tendency to grow attached to those they spend the most time with and they often become depressed if they don’t get enough social time.

Rabbit Sagittarius are one of the luckier signs in general, but they have a particularly lucky streak with money. Though they may not be rich, they almost always have money when they need it. They aren’t big investors, in fact they enjoy instant satisfaction a bit too much, especially when it comes to buying nice clothes, cars, and items for the home. Rabbit Sagittarius hate routine and need more destination vacations than the average person, though making a concrete decision on where to go is not one of their strengths.

Rabbit Sagittarius Traits

Your basic shyness most often plays you dirty tricks in the amorous as well as other domains. This shyness is generally due to the inhibiting influence of your family or of a little too severe education. Fortunately, you can overcome it, at least to a large extent, if you become conscious of it and if you take appropriate measures.

You’re rather emotive, and your emotivity often hides under certain irony, causticity, or cynicism. One only has to scratch this front to find a personality full of delicacy and charm.

In the domain of work, one would readily recognize your qualities of precision, efficaciousness, and organization. Your commercial sense is particularly well developed. You often do two jobs at the same time. You tend to get lost in small details, which prevents you from having necessary height of view. Sometimes you also lack courage and patience, thus having difficulties exploiting all your possibilities. In any case, you can prove to be a precious collaborator or intermediary.

Your affairs of the heart often suffer from your lack of self-confidence. With your need of devotion and sympathy, it’s by founding a peaceful and well-organized family that you can find your happiness. The greatest danger for you would be to let yourself be drawn into a union without affection.

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