Pig Sagittarius

Those born under the sign of the Pig Sagittarius are friendly, amiable, and up for an adventure. Like their animal namesake, Pig Sagittarius will not only trek through harsh conditions for you, they will carry you on their back while they do it. Few signs are as determined as this one once they know what they want.

The nice thing is that what they usually want most is to take things as they come and have a good time while they do it. Members of this sign never try to impress others, but they often do so anyway through their natural charisma and easy-going personality. They are highly self-reliant and very lucky, which is why they don’t always look before they leap.

Pig Sagittarius are not overly emotional. They like to live and let live. They are optimistic and believe that people are inherently good and kind and fair. Some people think that Pig Sagittarius are naive, and in some ways they are, but they are also very resilient and can bounce back from bad situations with ease and grace.

This is a sign that lives for new experiences and would rather risk looking like a sucker every once in a while than risk missing out on an adventure. Besides, if things take a turn for the worse, Pig Sagittarius know that they can handle any situation they find themselves in.

Pig Sagittarius Traits

This combination endows you with an extremely imaginative nature. But your imagination tends more toward melancholia than toward gaiety. Indeed, you’re inclined to make a tragedy of things, you often lack humor, and you run the risk of getting sick because of your excessive emotivity.

You’re very obliging, to the point of feeling guilty if you don’t deem yourself useful to someone or something. One never appeals vainly to your heart. You’re very much attached to your family and have a great love for your children.

On the practical plane, you’re rather disconcerting because you’re inclined to illusions and impossible dreams. As you’re allergic to regular discipline, your life is fraught with uncertainties and sudden changes which are either undergone or sought for. You can give your full measure in an altruistic career such as medicine, the bar, or pedagogy.

In love, you’re rather changeable, with a bohemian side. It’s because you cannot refrain from falling in love under any and all circumstances, even in old age. However, you need a stable sentimental basis and a well-organized home. You develop a great love for your beloved ones, particularly for your children, who count very much in your existence.

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