Ox Sagittarius

Like their animal namesake, those born under the sign of the Ox Sagittarius are smart, adventurous, and determined to get what they want. Bordering on stubborn, a Ox Sagittarius will not give up on what it has set its sights on, regardless of the challenge presented. This is a sign that combines natural luck, optimism, and hard work together to achieve great things in life.

The irony is that they are also spiritually advanced enough to realize that true success in life means more than money and power. Many Ox Sagittarius may live relatively simple but happy lives. What they really want is to achieve the goals that matter to them, to live happily with friends and family, to have some adventure in their lives, and to hopefully make a positive difference in the world.

In the animal kingdom, the Ox Sagittarius is often portrayed as a thief, scavenger, or pesky opportunist, but this is not a fair portrayal. These creatures merely are willing to do what they need to get by without hesitation or emotional attachment. Similarly those born under the sign of the Ox Sagittarius are less concerned with sparing or hurting feelings than they are with doing what they need to do.

Unlike some other signs, they don’t let their emotions get in the way of moving forward. They don’t need to spend a lot of time making decisions; their optimistic attitude keeps them going through good times and bad. In fact, Ox Sagittarius are often at their best in crisis or under pressure. Rather than buckling under the weight of a challenge, members of this sign happily rise to the opportunity for a new experience.

Ox Sagittarius Traits

For you, the simple fact of living is already happiness. Indeed, you’ve a profound love for life, and you intend to live it to the fullest without any after-thoughts. Your philosophy is rather a hedonistic one, but in the good sense of the term — you like sensual pleasures and the health that allows to enjoy them.

However, your existence is far from being a simple pleasure party. This combination gives you important vulnerability to emotivity and depression. You won’t be immune to numerous great and small ordeals, including harrowing bereavements. But in spite of all you’ll preserve your sympathetic and benevolent nature.

Your faith in the future and in people is your best protection for it draws good luck towards you. Your road is strewn with happy hazards and efficacious supports. You can do well in the arts, music, singing, or in activities related to the earth. Money plays an important role in your career and your social life. Even bereavements can bring you inheritances and serve your success, or favor the obtaining of capital for launching great business.

In love, you’re as ardent as one can be. You’re very sensitive to physical attraction. You like to flit about in your youth. But you’ll end up founding a stable family, to which you’ll devote yourself entirely and which will make you happy in a cozy and bourgeois ambience.

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