Monkey Sagittarius

Curious, independent, and optimistic, those born under the sign of the Monkey Sagittarius are all about having the freedom to do what they want when they want to do it. They are always looking for a new adventure or challenge, and delight in their own ability to figure out new solutions to problems quickly and easily.

To be fair, Monkey Sagittarius are selfish, but not in a malicious way. They just follow their interests (until they get bored) and don’t fully realize how their actions affect others. In fact they will follow their interests without much thought as to the consequences in general. Monkey Sagittarius choose to be a bit unaware of others because they don’t want to let the sensitivities of others get in the way of their goals. Members of this sign laugh at what they find funny, and don’t necessarily have a great filter between what they think and what they say. Again, they are not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings, they are just doing what comes naturally.

Monkey Sagittarius cannot allow themselves to become bored, under any conditions. If they do they can become terribly moody, and will turn to manipulation to keep their brains stimulated. This is a sign that need to explore the world around them. Being out and about and learning new things is essential to their mental and emotional well-being. Like the famous cartoon roadrunner of Warner Brothers fame, members of this sign cannot be captured, tied down, or even caught up to.

The biggest challenge Monkey Sagittarius face is the potential to become disconnected from humanity. Through Sagittarius they naturally are more future-focused than presently aware, and can unintentionally neglect social graces and niceties. Add to that the Monkey’s influence (self-centered, likes to trick people just to see if they can, manipulative, clever), and you have all of the skills and mindset required to become a highly skilled con artist. Of course, this is not the Roadrunner’s natural course, but there will be temptation at a young age to use their accelerated wits to get what they want. If this continues into adulthood it can become a problem, as taking the easy (and potentially illegal) road may appear to be the quickest path to success. Self-awareness is the key to maturity and maturity is the key to growth.

Monkey Sagittarius Traits

This combination highlights a nature where egoism is almost totally absent and where altruism reigns unchallenged. Feelings of friendship and solidarity occupy the fore of your personality. You show exemplary faithfulness to those whom you love. With your deep goodness, you seem to be primarily concerned about serving the community; but some people may try to abuse your extreme disinterestedness.

You’ve large views, an independent temperament, and a great love of freedom and new ideas. The world of intellect and creation attracts you more than financial success. The unexpected, foreign countries, and scientific research give you great career possibilities. Marriage plays a very important role in the orientation of your material destiny.

As far as sentiments are concerned, you can conceive a passion only for those who really single themselves out. You abhor triteness and vulgarity even more. You aspire to ideal love which, in most cases, is based on an illusion. Your penchants are lived with intensity, under unusual circumstances, or within an unconventional framework. Your union, or marriage, if it were to be a success, must be made of as much friendship as love and imply great mutual freedom.

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