Horse Sagittarius

Independent, energetic, and adventurous, those born under the Zodiac sign of the Horse Sagittarius love life and long for new experiences. Members of this sign are always looking forward; they rarely dwell on the past. Horse Sagittarius are often restless, which can lead them to take risks in life. They are also lucky, though, so most of the time everything works out just fine.

To be fair, Horse Sagittarius probably just seem lucky because they are so optimistic. Even when they are feeling down, those born under this sign always manage to get back on track. They believe that they can have whatever they want if they work hard for it, and they are almost always right. Excellent at learning new things, there are very few tasks that Horse Sagittarius do not excel at. For them, the greatest challenge is not taking on a new enterprise, but staying interested long enough to finish it!

Always focused on what’s coming up around the corner, Horse Sagittarius have a hard time living in the moment. They have tons of energy and never want to stop moving, which ironically causes them to miss out on many of life’s more subtle experiences. Those born under this sign will have to find a way to slow themselves down long enough to smell the roses every once in a while or they risk running straight through life like it was a race. If it was a race, though, they would be certain to win.

Horse Sagittarius Traits

What’s missing the most for your happiness is equanimity. Indeed, you’ve too unstable a character because of your excessive emotivity. Those who don’t know you well reproach you for being a true weathercock.

You’re kind and helpful, and one likes you well for that. But one reproaches you for meddling with other people’s lives and giving unwanted counsels. Always ready to console everybody, you let nothing thwart your somewhat excessive goodwill. And because you’re generous, you often attract chance in more than one domain. But when chance does not come along on command, you get easily discouraged and can experience a depressive state.

For you, money comes in and goes away with equal easiness; your material life is therefore subject to continual ups and downs. In work, you must beware of thoughtless decisions and ill-placed confidence. Travels and foreign countries are very profitable to you.

In love, you value freedom more than you do sentiments. Very sincere, you can spoil your chances by your very impetuosity. Your loves at first sight alternate with your break-ups, but almost always without shouts or tears. Once you’ve decided to attach yourself for good, you become a good partner and an irreproachable parent.

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