Goat Sagittarius

Peaceful, reserved, and intelligent, those born under the sign of the Goat Sagittarius are eager for new experiences. Though they are highly amiable in most every situation, there is a hidden restlessness to them, like an underground volcano; eventually the tension requires a release. For those whose circumstances won’t let them simply roam the world as they please, small adventures will become more and more necessary.

Goat Sagittarius enjoy nature and usually have a place they like to go and relax, whether it be the woods, coast, mountains, desert, river, or whatnot. There is always somewhere new to explore even if members of this sign don’t make it out of their usual routine often enough. These trips don’t have to be elaborate, in fact most Goat Sagittarius like to take things slow. This is a philosophical sign that likes to ponder the mysteries of life. Spiritually and intellectually advanced, they are deep thinkers that also need time just to quietly observe all that which surrounds them.

Goat Sagittarius is a sign of good luck and good karma. Both Sagittarius and Sheep are considered lucky signs and the art of Feng Shui even suggests that images of Goat Sagittarius in the home will bring one good luck. Their karma is usually positive due to the fact that they don’t hold grudges and don’t try to take what they don’t deserve.

Like the famous children’s fable of the Goat Sagittarius and the Hare tells us, slow and steady wins the race. The Goat Sagittarius, being the hero of this tale, shows the rest of us how all achievements are made one small step at a time. There is little emotion involved in the fictional reptile’s journey. He knows he is the underdog so he pushes along slowly and wins because his adversary counts him out before the race is over. Likewise, members of this sign take their time moving through life. They move ever forward with caution but not hesitation.

Goat Sagittarius Traits

You behave most often as if, for you, happiness were elsewhere and could by no means be here and now. It’s why you look for all possible kinds of escapism and have a great passion for travels. It’s impossible for you to be satisfied with what’s within your reach and content with reality.

As reality and everyday life bore you, you show certain lethargy and dilettantism. You appear carefree as far as material things are concerned. Sometimes you want to imperil your security so as to compel yourself to move, to prevent yourself from giving in to the temptation of well-being. You’re generous and don’t bear meanness.

Chance often favors you in the professional or social domain despite your lack of practical sense and your inclination for bohemian life. It’s in the artistic or literary field, or as an actor that you’ve the best chances. Your material destiny is never very stable for you’re a real spendthrift; but you often benefit from providential and efficacious aids.

Your love affairs are very unstable, principally because you don’t know very well what you want. Your feelings are romantic or tinted with a strange character. You’re inclined to engage yourself imprudently and are therefore subject to disappointments in your conjugal experience. You may have many unions or marriages in the course of your existence.

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