Dragon Sagittarius

Optimistic, adventurous, and proud, it takes an incredible amount of effort to slow the momentum of those born under the sign of the Dragon Sagittarius. Like their animal namesake, the free spirited Dragon Sagittarius goes where it wants when it wants to. They are surprisingly quick, powerful, and even loud. The biggest ones have no natural predators, for no one can face the pure amount of size and force inherent in this sign.

Luckily, Dragon Sagittarius are not focused on using their power to take over the world. Those born under this powerful sign are more interested in making their own journey the best it can be rather than worrying about where everyone else is going. They are unique, proud, and aggressive wanderers with big personalities who not only take big risks in life with the mindset that there is nothing that can stop them. And they are right. Not only is this a very powerful sign, it is also a very lucky sign as well.

Their philosophy on life is usually much different than that of others. Friendly, giving, and self-assured, members of this sign also have a tendency to be closed-minded and stubborn. Some think they are too proud and too confident, and indeed they do have a tendency to look before they leap. The one thing Dragon Sagittarius can never allow themselves to feel is boredom. For a Dragon Sagittarius, boredom feels like death. They need to keep moving ever-forward in order to feel good about their role in life.

Pride is a big deal to a Dragon Sagittarius, though they usually have a good sense of humor about themselves. They know they can be impatient and overly aggressive when it comes to getting what they want. Dragon Sagittarius love nothing more than seeing the results of their actions, as these usually come in the form of rewards. With no risk too big or adventure too small, members of this sign can never be truly held to one spot. They are forever moving forward, seeking all of the experiences that life has to offer.

Dragon Sagittarius Traits

In order to live, you need other people’s admiration as you do air. You go to great lengths to arouse this feeling. To encounter certain indifference is enough for you to feel underestimated and unhappy. By chance, you’ve the gift for making yourself appreciated and liked, for you’re a nature which is radiant, generous, always ready to help someone.

You naturally attract weak people, tramps, the fringes of society, the underprivileged of nature, probably because these persons contribute to heighten your aura. You’ve a taste for luxury, ceremonies, brilliant receptions where you’re the center of all attentions.

You need a successful material life and a social situation in view. You can satisfy this need rather easily for you’re an attraction pole for both success and fortune.

Your love affairs always bear the mark of strong emotions and ardent passions. To be quite satisfying, they must also be full of panache. You’re demanding concerning your conjugal choice for you want to be proud of those whom you love. If your aspirations are fulfilled, then you prove to be an excellent spouse and parent, and you manage your tribe with authority, generosity, and love.

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