Sagittarius Baby

Little Sagittarius from the very birth will show parents their indomitable temperament, demanding to themselves attention, trying to constantly be in motion. Sagittarius earlier than other children, will begin to sit, crawl, stand on legs — and all because it attracts this big, exciting and colorful world. He enthusiastically meets all new — whether it’s a new jacket, or a new toy. The Sagittarius child will bring with the walks full pockets of stones and twigs — therefore only that they seemed unusual and original to him. Sagittarius baby loves massage, gymnastics, he bathes with pleasure and does not want to get out of the bath. This child can play with bright toys for a long time, studying them from all sides, touching, tasting the taste and smell. Very freedom-loving, this child will not tolerate control and pressure over himself, but when he really needs help, he will raise such a roar that the parents, after giving up the matter, will be near him in a second, fulfilling all his demands.

Restricting freedom Sagittarius can not be — you can only gently follow the situation to at any time to come to his rescue. Too active activity of this baby can be tamed, drawing his attention to an interesting tree, leaf, bug, etc. Love for nature and animals in Sagittarius is huge, he feels himself a part of nature, and from childhood begins to take care of homeless animals, without fail taking them with him. Parents should not show lack of sincerity or show their disgust — they need to have the patience to attach all the homeless kittens and puppies to good people. In the end, one or even several animals, due to the persistence of a small naturalist, will be at home, and the little Sagittarius will show his responsibility towards them, caring like an adult.

Sagittarius absorbs knowledge into himself as a sponge, he will gladly read encyclopedias, books about nature and animals with his parents, preferring them even to fairy tales. Parents need to support this interest in every possible way, without brushing aside the baby, and including with him in the study of the world. Developing curiosity and interest in reading, parents will notice that the Sagittarius study is very easy, and he studies with great pleasure.

The best gifts to Sagittarius — of course, bright books, logic games, coloring books, sets for creativity. With such a child you need to constantly talk, and it is necessary — to listen to his opinion. Sometimes Sagittarius tries to learn everything at once, so his questions can be poured hail, and sometimes — begins to philosophize, talk about other planets or the meaning of life. If the parents do not mock him, but, on the contrary, begin to make whole stories with him, Sagittarius will develop his speech very well, and also learn to focus on what is most difficult for him in the learning process. A small student must also learn to analyze the reasons for his failures, draw conclusions, which will also help him to use his potential and time in the best way, achieving high results. Praise Sagittarius, love him, and he will reveal himself as a strange and beautiful flower, sparkling with all his talents.

Sagittarius Boys

This child can make the impression of a frisky puppy, who spins, jumps and does not want to go to his feet. However, his energy and the thirst for life should be appreciated. Reproaches, persuasion and requests to sit quietly often cause the opposite effect: Sagittarius needs to satisfy its need for action. Surprisingly, he can not calm down, even when he is tired.

Sagittarius likes to be in large and open spaces — here he feels free. Sagittarius are keenly aware of their connection with nature. They must run along the grass, climb trees, splash in the pond, feel the wind and rain, make patties from the mud, build bonfires, slide down the slopes of the hills. Any restrictions are alien to his nature: Sagittarius is happy when he can simply be himself. As a Sagittarius parent, you will soon realize how difficult it is for Sagittarius to remain clean and tidy for more than five minutes — he loves comfortable, familiar clothes and in a flash he is able to whack off new shoes or cut off buttons (of course, by accident!).

The Sagittarius builds big plans, knowing what he wants to do in life. It is necessary to help him from childhood to remain faithful to his weapons, as he is able to grasp with enthusiasm for a new business, but also to cool down just as quickly. Finish some, even a small matter and feel satisfaction at the sight of the results is vital for Sagittarius, so that he believes: great goals are also achievable.

Sagittarius Girls

Sagittarius girl has a specific task: to enjoy life. She actively participates in the life of the family, trying to revive her in every possible way. Parents are ready to tear their hair when it is in a dark mood, but soon it will make you smile again: it’s impossible not to get infected with its enthusiasm. Despite the fact that the Sagittarius girl has a clear ability to connect your life to electrical stress, at the same time it is extremely flexible. The Sagittarius girl will not sulk, having found out that from the pie in honor of her birthday there were only coals. She will probably find the incident more amusing than her parents, and will be sure that you will certainly bake a new cake — so why grieve?

She loves nature and animals — especially horses — and is ready to spend all her free time in the park or to visit the village. Often Sagittarius gives the impression of a completely fearless people, and you will catch your breath when the Sagittarius girl does not hesitate to roll from the steep mountain.

Sagittarius likes to take risks and test their strength, but in childhood they overestimate their abilities and can fail. But even in this case, the Sagittarius girl will not give up the second attempt. She likes to laugh and knows how to joke. Perhaps the Sagittarius girl does not match the image of a modest and quiet "obedient baby", but she knows how to have fun — considering fun the main advantage of life.

Advice for parents of the Sagittarius-childs

Raising Sagittarius is easier than the children of many other zodiac signs, because they are not able to lie since childhood, decent behavior is inherent in them by nature itself. At the same time, the senior need to remember once and for all: such children may not forgive deception even to their parents, so they need to communicate with them as honestly and fairly as possible.

The most effective in relation to the Sagittarius children is the democratic style of upbringing, because they are naturally independent and wise in their own way. Violence is unacceptable, these children, especially in adolescence, can ignore the prohibitions from the principle, and then coping with them will be much more difficult.

The kids of this sign of the Zodiac are light-minded, they are not malicious, they are not gloomy, but parents will still need a huge amount of patience, as they will have to deal with mobile, like mercury, and extremely curious creatures that are not easily kept in check. It is very important that in the life of the child Sagittarius be an authoritative person, to whom he could be equal in everything, for example, a father or someone from older relatives.

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