Sagittarius November 2019 Horoscope

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You're still riding high, and now are looking for ways to use your resources to your best advantage. It's easy to over-obligate your time or energy, or to underestimate a situation. Try your best to be moderate.

Spending more time in contemplative or meditation exercises can help you see the total picture, and may even change your perspective on improving your sense of well-being.

Work on your flexibility this month. A romantic rendez-vous between the 1st—9th gives you a chance to make plans for the future with your sweetheart.

Money matters can be a source of misunderstanding during the Moon on the 14th, and you may have differences over how to handle children (or your feelings about having them!). The deeper question is whether or not your freedom is compromised.

Make a fresh start during the Moon in Sagittarius on the 29th. Be clear. Meetings, conferences, or presentations fare nicely from the 1st—20th.

Satisfying the concerns of the more conservative-minded can be tricky after that time, but if you have the necessary information to support your claims or plans, you will be successful in your aims.

Writing, speaking, and publishing are all favored this month, but fare especially well after the 8th. Investments can strengthen your financial profile from the 1st—22nd.

The way you use your resources determines your long-range stability. Make the best use of what you have been reusing, recycling, and restoring as much as possible.

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