Sagittarius May 2019 Horoscope

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In order to accomplish your career aims, you may have to address your professional image. At the very least, take a look at how others are responding, and make alterations to improve your options. Even though you may be feeling a bit lazy about taking care of your health, you are motivated to eliminate the feelings of tension that zap your energy.

Stay active, and find ways to release bottled-up energy. When all is said and done, it is your life, and you're breaking away from some of the motivations that simply satisfy others, but do veiy little for your deeper needs. In your zeal to prove that you can make someone proud, you may have lost touch with what you want. But before you break and run, be aware of how your changes can affect others.

Partnerships take on a special focus during the Moon on the 22nd. What kind of partner do you want to be? While Mercury retrogrades through the 8th, you may run into strange communication problems, particularly surrounding details of finances or budgets. Don't fall for smoke and mirrors. Instead, look into the details, or you could come out at a loss.

Negotiate contracts, but wait until after the 25th to finalize. You may have a change of heart! Competition or power struggles at work are challenging, and provide reasons to demonstrate your effectiveness. You can win on all fronts by seeking ways to cooperate with others while satisfying your personal goals. But it's not going to be a piece of cake!

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