Sagittarius March 2019 Horoscope

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Bringing balance between your home and career needs can be especially stressful. Before you agree to a career shift that pulls you further into the public eye, determine your real priorities. Stress leads to higher levels of physical tension, and it's crucial to take a realistic approach to your total needs.

Allow ample time for rest and rejuvenation, and get involved in recreation you truly enjoy. The solar eclipse on the 8th draws your attention to home and family, and indicates good possibilities of improving family relations.

Children may also be an integral part of your focus this month, and may help you uncover some deeper feelings you're finally ready to address. During the Moon's eclipse on the 23rd, you're in the mood for fun, and might enjoy sharing your favorite pastimes with your sweetheart or those you love.

Get in touch with your feelings about your work.

It's time to evaluate the total picture. If you're unhappy, what's missing? And if you're satisfied, where are you heading from here? Competitive situations can arise in your career, prompting you to take a second look at your priorities.

Your creative or artistic leanings help you move into a strong position after the 21st. Speculative ventures fare best after the 24th.

Keep your priorities in order, and create a strong platform for long-term growth. Take steps to improve your finances from the 23rd—30th.

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