Sagittarius July 2019 Horoscope

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Travel, educational pursuits, and cultural exchange provide just the stimulus you need to inspire hope for the future. Your ideas may be the best bargaining chip for career advancement. Treat them as such!

Interactive sports and games provide a great chance to improve your fitness levels and to meet new friends. Adventurous travel and getting back to nature are also wonderful options.

Although you may be feeling some conflict with your mate, you're dealing with an old pattern that you can now address more honestly. Instead of ducking the issue, use your imagination during the Moon on the 4th to uncover your fears or inhibitions. Once that's out of the way, you're ready to share your vision, and meet on spiritual and emotional levels.

Consider traveling to a place that inspires your sense of hope from the 9th—19th.

Safeguard your possessions and pay attention to the details of your finances from the 3rd—9th, when you can easily lose track because you're distracted. Business meetings, conferences, presentations or correspondence are most successful from the 9th—27th.

Your enthusiasm and visionary concepts inspire confidence from others, whose support and financial backing may be important for a successful out-come. Take a conservative approach after the 22nd.

Momentum for success or advancement in your career builds from the 7th—21st. Put yourself in the right place, because it's definitely the right time.

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