Sagittarius January 2019 Horoscope

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Improvements in your finances inspire you to explore different options that can improve your lifeslyle. Avoid vague opportunities full of promises, but with little substance.

Even though you may want to undertake a new physical challenge, you may have a hard time getting motivated. Find something inspiring, set reasonable fitness goals, and stick to them!

Spending time with others who share your ideals can strengthen your friendships and renew your self-worth. It's easier to show your best qualities from the 1st—9th, and you may even flirt with the idea of changing your relationship during the Moon on the 8th.

Talk about your hopes for the future, and determine whether or not your partner shares your vision. Schedule a romantic rendez-vous during the Moon on the 23rd.

Community efforts and connecting to others in your field provide a good source of support for your career advancement. But you may run into delays from the 1st—17th, when Mercuiry's retrograde, coupled with other energies, seems to put things on hold.

Make the best of the situation by dealing with the problems at hand, and plan to take a new approach after the 21st, when resistance to change subsides. This is the time to plan and dream, but you won't go far unless you finish old business from the 1st—14th. Avoid procrastinating.

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