Sagittarius December 2019 Horoscope

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You may feel that you're stretched a little thin, but you're likely to adore every minute! Your personal and professional connections work to your advantage, moving you toward achieving your goals.

Work on your flexibility from the 1st-18th, when you might also enjoy immersing yourself in a discipline integrating body, mind, and spirit. A short trip can be rejuvenating after the 20th.

Getting back in touch with someone can be quite enjoyable, and you may even rekindle an old flame. If you're available, consider exploring the possibilities. Time spent with siblings after the 13th can be healing and may inspire changes that allow you to be closer.

Romance is quite promising during the Moon on the 13th. A true meeting of the minds brings you into greater harmony with one another. Expect a few surprises on the 27th—28th.

You may be a little absent-minded where finances are concerned from the 1st—11th, or you can lose track of your spending from the 11th- 14th, so try to be attentive! Mercury's retrograde from the 7th—27th can work to your advantage if you need extra time to complete something, or if you're negotiating a contract.

Agreements made after the 26th can change the course of your life — for the better. Give yourself a chance to meet new people, or to learn ways to incorporate new technologies after the 13th.

They may inspire delightful creative possibilities.

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