Sagittarius August 2019 Horoscope

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Your career continues to be a high priority, and you may be more satisfied with the results of your efforts. But your long-range plans are changing, so allow room for diversification and expansion.

Although your activity levels may be higher early in the month, it's a good idea to pull back and allow more time for rest and rejuvenation after the 14th. Stretching beyond your limits can be too demanding.

You may be disappointed in a relationship with a friend, or may discover that you no longer have much in common. To avoid feeling betrayed, be clear about your own expectations in all your relationships. Strengthening your self-worth allows you to be more clear about what you want to achieve in close relationships.

Your attitudes are rapidly changing, and you'll be most comfortable with others who share your ideals during the Moon on the 18th. Careless spending can weaken your material stability, and you're likely to be drawn into situations which are not quite what they appear to be on the surface.

This is a good time to explore, but a terrible period to risk your resources. Use Mercury's retrograde from the 17th-31st to research the details and finish current projects.

Be adaptable in the face of technological changes after the 18th.

Your intuitive judgment can be a little off-kilter, especially if you're allowing your feelings to get in the way. Try to stay clear.

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