Sagittarius April 2019 Horoscope

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You're ready to solidify a commitment to the people and situations that fill you with the greatest joy. It's time to find and nourish the part of you that is pure love, and to share that love with others. The idea of working out will work better for you if it feels more like playtime!

It's also a great time to learn more about the best ways to achieve optimum health. Schedule your annual physical check-up.

You're testing a love relationship, and may be both generous and harsh with yourself and those in your care in your efforts to make things the best you can. Setting positive limits is important, but you're also eager to know what your partner thinks and feels during the Moon on the 7th.

If you've been moving too quickly, pulling back a little might give you time to enjoy the more subtle aspects of love. Learn to accept and celebrate your differences. Although many elements of your work may be going along okay, some of the everyday functions can be a little strained due to unexpected changes or new innovations.

Be ready for surprises from the 5th-25th, although you'll have a chance to rectify problems during Mercury's retrograde from the 15th—30th. Watch your spending, too, because it's easy to go over budget after the 15th. Keep your credit cards on ice if you must!

Your hard work is paying off from the 1st—6th, when you may also be able to gain greater cooperation from others. Just be sure you're doing your part!

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