Sagittarius 2020 Horoscope

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Jupiter will stimulate your mind this year as it travels in Aquarius, your solar third house of communication. This makes 2020 ideal for learning and growth, and you’ll have a burning desire to be in the know, up on all the latest information in your own world and the world at large.
The obvious choice to satisfy this need for information would be to take a class or two for fun, to boost your job skills, or to complete your education or earn advanced certification. And online learning might be the best avenue because Aquarius is the sign of technology. It would also give you more flexibility to accommodate this year’s fast-paced daily life.
Structured learning isn’t the only option, however. You could gain the same satisfaction from delving into a subject that’s always interested you or perfecting your hobby skills. Chances are, you’ll go few places without a book in hand and also be more interested in news and educational programs. If you’ve always wanted to be a writer, 2020 is a great year to give it a try. Join a writer’s group or take a class in creative writing.
You’ll want to be sure your vehicle is in top shape all year long because you’ll be on the go, both in town and probably on weekend jaunts. Satisfy your curiosity with day trips to nearby historical sites, to visit friends, and to nature preserves. You’ll especially enjoy just getting out of town for a change of scenery now and then.
This year will bring lots of contact with people in your immediate environment—neighbors, siblings, and other relatives. Many will bring you luck, although you may not fully realize it until the next year or even several years in the future.
Jupiter will align with Neptune, also in Aquarius, in May and December. This connection has its upside and, unfortunately, its downside. At their best, Jupiter and Neptune will inspire you and take your creativity to new heights—even if you’ve never before discovered this side of yourself. This duo will also encourage you to have faith in yourself and your abilities and to discover, or rediscover, your spiritual connection with the universe.
But Neptune also represents deception and disillusionment. So you need to be cautious about believing everything you hear and trusting just anyone. Some people will talk a good game but fail to deliver on their promises, much to your disappointment. You also can fall into the trap of self-deception, believing what you want to believe rather than seeing a situation for what it is. This makes it wise to seek an objective opinion before making important life decisions. Listen to the feedback and take it to heart.
Saturn will almost complete its Virgo transit this year, entering Libra October 29, and returning to Virgo for a few months in the next year. Since its September of the last year arrival in Virgo, your solar tenth house, you’ve undoubtedly experienced Saturn’s influence in your career—restriction, frustration, and achievements. All of these are characteristic of Saturn, the planet that nearly always delivers rewards if you follow its rules.
Saturn is all about structure, responsibility, and accountability. It’s also the karmic planet that quickly lets you know when you step out of line. But Saturn’s transit of your solar tenth house is also the time when you can rise to the top because this is a career pinnacle. If you feel you have yet to achieve your goals, make that a priority this year. You won’t have another opportunity like this for twenty-eight years.
But Saturn won’t operate entirely on its own this year. Uranus, planet of the unexpected, will be in the mix as it forms an” exact alignment with Saturn from Pisces, your solar fourth house.
On its own Uranus in your domestic sector could trigger a move or an extensive home remodeling project. Matched with Saturn, this could be the result of relocation for a new position or promotion.
Uranus in your sign of home and family can also indicate changes in family life, such as a relative or roommate moving in or out. If at all possible you’ll want to avoid adding one of these people to your household now. It’s unlikely to work out, despite your hope that it will. When Saturn and Uranus join forces (February and September), the living arrangement will become difficult at best and intolerable at worst. You especially don’t need this hassle this year when your career life will place added demands on your time.
As you’re busy making your mark in the outer world, your family could begin to feel neglected, which reflects the bigger picture of this Saturn/Uranus alignment: relationships and balance. Give your support system equal time. They’ll appreciate it and you and your career will benefit from the rest and relaxation that results from quality time with loved ones.
It’s also possible you’ll experience major changes in your workplace or career. You might decide it’s time to try a new field of endeavor or pursue a new job when it becomes apparent you’ve gone as far as you can go. That would be a great proactive move if it’s done for the right reasons and not just because you want something new in your life. Tune in to what’s happening around you at work, especially if your career field is prone to layoffs or you suspect your company isn’t as stable as it once was. If either of these possibilities seems likely, be proactive: network and send out resumes.
Saturn moves on to Libra, your solar eleventh house, October 29, to begin its nearly three-year tour of this sign. You’ll feel the effects of this planet in your friendships and group activities, where teamwork and mutual support will be your challenges. That’s eminently doable because Libra mixes well with your sign.
You now have the opportunity to learn a lot about people, whether they’re acquaintances or close friends. Some are sure to disappoint you, while others will be a stabilizing force in your life. It’s all just another Saturn learning experience that encourages you to seek and share wisdom.
Some of the people who enter your life in the next few years will have a karmic connection. Be alert and watch for them, because each will have an important message or experience to share with you. Chances are, you’ll recognize anyone who falls into this category because you’ll have an instant, indefinable connection. And don’t be surprised if these same people move out of your life once their purpose has been fulfilled.
It’s also possible you’ll reconnect with one or more people from the past: old friends you haven’t heard from in years, former romantic interests, and possibly even a long-lost relative. Whether you resume the relationship is up to you, but you should at least try to discover the reason why these people have resurfaced in your life.
Libra is also your sign of groups, so you could feel the urge to get involved in a professional or humanitarian organization, which will also give you many opportunities to meet people and network. But draw the line early and stick to it; otherwise you could find yourself doing all the work while others sit back and accumulate accolades. The challenge here is that you could take on a heavy load of responsibility just because you feel you’re the best person for the job. That may be true, but you’ll be better off sharing the load. Teamwork is one of Saturn’s lessons as it transits your solar eleventh house.
This will be Pluto’s first full year in Capricorn, the sign it first entered in early last year. With this planet occupying your solar second house of personal resources for the next fifteen years, there’s no time like the present to get serious about your lifetime financial priorities, including budgeting and retirement. What you do now can result in wealth or just the opposite, so think and plan carefully and put your financial goals in writing where you can review them at least monthly. It’s all a matter of establishing your security needs and then building the foundation to achieve them.
But your second house is about more than money. It’s also about your personal values and ethics, which is a Sagittarius theme. You’ll be pushed to make these decisions as well, especially after Saturn enters Libra and connects with Pluto, urging you to stand behind your beliefs.

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